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Which one do you like best?

  1. black epi speedy 25

  2. white epi speedy 25

  3. denim mini pleaty

  4. batignolles verticales

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So here are the bags that are on my current wishlist, just don't know which one I want more/first.

    I allready have damier pochette in ebony (ordered azur too) and mini lin speedy

    Other suggestions would do also
  2. I voted for Denim mini pleaty, but the black speedy sounds nice too. I love the mini pleaty, it is so cute, I just don't know how practical it will be.
  3. Black Epi speedy! I have one and it goes with everything!
  4. I voted for the White Epi speedy. I just ordered the red from elux. I would've got the white, but I have a two year old and I know it would get dirty so fast.
  5. I voted for white epi speedy, the color just looks so gorgeous!! cant resist it ;)
  6. I think everyone needs something in classic mono. So I said BV.
  7. I voted BV just 'cause I love how it looks. The other bags are gorgeous too though!
  8. i really want the white epi speedy.
  9. Black Epi speedy:yes:
  10. black speedy.
  11. it depends what color your mini lin speedy is... if its the light color then i wouldn' get the white speedy but if it is a darker color then i'd go for te white!!
  12. I like the denim mini pleaty.
  13. i voted for the black epi speedy.
  14. i like white speedy! :love:
  15. denim pleaty, perfect for summer :smile: