Just because I finally took a pic, my favorite Prada and first HE bag

  1. I bought it in Rome in 2003, was only available in Europe (possibly even Italy).

    It's the pink, brown, white python bag.

  2. Awe!cute!!!!
  3. OMG :drool: I love exotics! That Gucci horsebit hobo is gorgeous too, you have excellent taste!
  4. You like snake skin bags, don't you?! Gorgeous!
  5. I love all things exotic, but not all of my bags are exotics. Too $$$$.
  6. love them all - enjoy :smile:
  7. grogeous....:tup::heart:
  8. Nice bag !!
  9. That is gorgeous!!
  10. Stunning- that's quite the find!
  11. wow gorgeous, congrats!
  12. gorgeous!!! congrats!