just back from Vegas & my new sunnies...

  1. wow I feel like I missed a lot here in a week. Had a great trip, lots of shopping and lots of fun gambling for the first time! (since I just turned 21) lol. Loved using Sophie when I went to LV at Wynn and Caesars and SA's staring at it :graucho: . Didn't buy anything in Vegas though, but got the Soupcon GM sunnies in light glitter honey last night at Ala Moana.

    I also asked the SA about the new vernis and he doesn't know anything about it?! I thought they were suppose to come out on the 1st. I asked if they were getting the heart shaped coin purse and he didn't know what I was talking about and was like where did you hear that from. He said the only thing he knows is that they're getting the LoVe totes. :confused1:

    oh yeah and Happy New Year everyone!


  2. pretty sunnies; glad you had fun in Vegas!
  3. Lol congrats on the sunglasses! I love the styles made in the Honey Glitter :love:

    Anyway there definitely is a new red and a new heart coin purse..the bags are now on display at my LV in Fashion Valley and I have my name down for the coin purse. Lol..it's really surprising to hear what LITTLE these SAs know about their own products. I thought they had to have at least a working knowledge about the new AND current items before they worked there. Ugh.
    Maybe you should print out that picture from the look book that was posted here not so long ago, then see if he knows what you're talking about. Sometimes they refer to certain pieces by different names so when people come in and ask for the OBVIOUS name (i.e. heart coin purse), they get confused. Lol.
  4. ^I know I love that color, I wanted to get the Obsession's but they didn't match my face that well :sad:. oh well, but it sounded like like he didn't want me to know or something. He's like oh yeah did you see it on style.com that's they only place I know they have the new styles up :rolleyes: . I just said I heard it from somewhere lol. Maybe I'll just go back tomorrow and go look if they have the heart shaped coin purse, I really wanna see it irl looks super cute!
  5. Well for the new Pomme d'Amour color, the regular line of bags (Houston, Brentwood, Lexington, etc.) will be out tomorrow, but the heart coin purse and the envelope styled clutch will be out Feb. 1st :yes:
  6. oh ok thanks!
  7. You're welcome! From the picture I've seen, it looks adorable :love:
  8. They had three pieces of the new Vernis color (with a little sign that said by special order) at my local store. They had a Bedford and some sort of tote (I'm not with it on Vernis styles) and I was in LOVE.

    By the way, your new sunnies are AWESOME! Congrats!
  9. That tote was the Brentwood! If I get a bag in that color (I'm still iffy because I already have the older red Biscayne Bay GM), it'll be the Brentwood :yes:
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. very hot! :wlae:
  12. pretty congrats
  13. It was gorgeous! Nice size too!

    My SA got the weekend off, but I do see something Vernis in my future!
  14. Ohh...love your shades!:yes:
  15. Congrats!

    Your sunnies are TDF! :love: