Just back from Toronto; Holts B-Bag Inventory

  1. I was soo dissapointed! All they had were the neutral colors and the leather on all the bags were terriable. The only bag I saw that I liked was a white hobo with gh but now that the GST tax is no longer refunded for americans, it is just not worth buying anything there. All of you Toronto girls; is Holts the only place in Toronto that sells B-bags?
  2. Yup...which Holts did you go to though?

    Canada shopping sucks haha
  3. i think vancouver holt's has some colorful ones
  4. Did you see that Vert Gazon City that looked like it was made out of a really stale Fruit Roll-Up:lol: ? Were you at Bloor St., I was there yesterday and they also had a BG Twiggy and First. Plus the aforementioned fruit rollup VG city.
    But seriously...this is why us CDN girls shop in the US. Aloha Rag or BalNY all the way baby! Even with the brokerage and duty it's STILL cheaper than buying a sucky bag here that feels like beef jerky.
    Did you have a good trip otherwise? I wish I'd known you were coming!
  5. I saw some BBags at Holts Ottawa on sale and they were ugly.....

    I just my first bbag from diabro.net for $597!!! even after the exchange to CDN and customs thats still a heck of a lot cheaper than buying for Holts!

    Link to my bag: