Just back from the outlet - story but no pics

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  1. I just got back from the outlet and am sooooo thrilled, I know that only the ladies here can share in my excitement. So I was away last week when I kept reading about all the FP deletes that have arrived at the outlets. As soon as I got home yesterday, I called my outlet and had them put an apple and patent blue Alexandra on hold for me. They said the bags will only be on hold till closing time yesterday.

    But I couldn't make it up there so this morning, I called and they said that the bags are still on hold for me. So I rushed up there and so happy to see that they had also sat aside an embossed lilac Alexandra too. And the best part is the embossed lilac one is on clearance!!!! Woohoo!!!! 50% + 20% off so it's like $195 plus tax. I swore I almost fainted with joy.

    I actually like the patent cobalt blue on my Sabrina, the patent blue on the Alexandra is rather dull so I decided to get the apple green instead.

    I have to get back to work but thought I'll share this quickly. When I was paying, the credit card took a long time to process and the SA kept checking my zipcode and had this puzzled look on her face while she was looking on the screen. She then went to the back of the counter and started flipping through some files and my heart just sank, I thought I was going to get the letter. And I kept thinking, really, of all days, why must it be today, I really wanted the embossed lilac Alexandra and it was such a great deal too.

    Thank goodness, the payment was processed and I was good to go!! Just cut the tag off my lilac Alexandra, I am already using her today!!!!

    Okay back to work!
  2. Congrats! So glad it worked out for you. Yes, we certainly understand your excitement. Hope to see some pics of your new goodies later today.

    Every time I go into my outlet, especially when I have something really good on hold, I get a little worried that that will be the day I get the dreaded letter.

  3. Awesome!!! Congrats on getting such a beauty!!
  4. lol glad it worked out! i think we are all in fear of "the letter" now. cant wait to see your reveal
  5. YAY! This is a lovely story. I had a moment of dread this afternoon when I returned my bone croc maggie (bought the gray maggie instead last week, and with the BCA coupon at a Tanger outlet). I was SOOOO so worried they wouldn't let me return my bone croc bag... or would give me some letter... (as this is my third return this summer! All in NWT condition and with receipts, of course).... but they did! YAY! So I got a better color for me at a WAY cheaper price, and I was veeery happy.

    And happy not to get the letter. Or any attitude from the SAs. YAY!

    Congrats on your alexandra, btw!
  6. It is so impossible to concentrate on anything today except that I have new bags!! I didn't even realize it at the time but my embossed lilac matches my watch strap!!!! I guess why I was so suprised is that I thought the Alexandras were only 30% off at this time, didn't except to be on clearance at all.

    Okay here are my modeling pics.

    First up, my embossed croc lilac (with matching watch strap!!)

  7. What do you mean by "the letter"? Newbie, here :smile:
  8. Here is my green apple!

  9. And this is the last purchase of the day - the pink leather wristlet with rose print. (I am not sure what the real name of this wristlet is).

  10. Congrats!!!
    Lucky you. I saw the Lilac Embossed Alexandra at my outlet too but passed! She is beautiful and what a great price!!! I love the Apple one too!!!! Two great colors!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. Thanks Lynne! The color I really, really want is the acorn!! I have to say that I usually hate brown but this acorn is gorgeous, hope I will find it. My SA at the outlet said that there is no price on the acorn in the online system yet which means it is still FP.
  12. I saw the lilac today too and struggled to resist. (DH imposed ban. He needs time to adjust to my new obsession). Asked the SA if it really belonged in the 50% off area and she said yes because the color was spring/summer. All the other Alexandras were 30% off.
  13. I love your story and I love your two bags!
    They are both beautiful!
  14. The letter huh? Yes, I know how it feels. It had happened to me a few times (a SA walked to a back room). I was almost faint!! :sweatdrop:

    Congratulations by the way! I love them both! They are simply gorgeous!:love:
  15. That green apple is tdf and I love your other purchases as well. Congrats and enjoy carrying them.