Just Back From the NM Sale

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  1. Neiman Marcus had a sale where you could get up to $400 off on a 2nd purchase when you bought a handbag so my wife got a bag with a pleated wallet as the 2nd item. Here is the bag, it is a BR3949, buttery soft leather, pleated on the top with a strap long enough to go over the shoulder and plenty of room:

    The logo isn't stamped into the leather, she didn't like that. She got a pleated wallet but unfortunately they didn't have it black, only red. They are going to Fedex it to the house at no extra charge.
  2. Nice!!! Congrats on the purse... Did she get a gaufre wallet? I'm so jealous!!! please post pics when you get it.
  3. Very nice!
  4. She got a Gauffre flap wallet, she liked the fact that it matched the pleats on the top of her purse and it can hold all of her credit cards. The logo is gold, the logo on her purse is silver, other than that it looks like they were made to go together.

    The SA tried to talk her into a red wallet (which he just happened to have in stock) using the logic that it would stand out against the other items in her purse and make it easier to find. That didn't fly although I could see how he was thinking. I was thinking most women would know it by feel, not by color. Either way she wanted it to be the same color. I will post pics of it when it arrives, he said Wednesday.
  5. yeah that's the one thing i don't like about the new bags. the big metal logo letters seem kind of vulgar to me, they would be a lot nicer if the name was embossed. but you can always carry the bag on the other side with the name facing inwards.
  6. I have a 2 leather gauffre wallrts and LOVE them to death!
    Congrats!I wish I had the time to get to NM this week..great sales!
  7. The sale ended last night. Because of the markdown she ended up paying $60 for the wallet, nice deal :yes:
  8. I'm sorry but you misunderstood me. She didn't like the bags with the logo stamped into them she preferred the metal letters. They are small in proportion to the size of the bag and don't look garish at all IMO. She also loves the fact that the bag was very light (If a bag is heavy when you pick it up in the showroom how's it going to feel when you load it up with stuff?) and the strap is wide so it won't dig into her shoulder.
  9. How nice of you to post what she got -- I'm thinking she got two great deals and already had (and always has one BIG one) you ;)

    Congrats on your/her purchases -- that 2 for 2 sale was great and it ended before you could blink an eye so good work !!
  10. Cant beat that!:nuts: That's so sweet of you to go shopping with your wife! I wish my man would go shopping with me!
  11. that has to be the best thing i've ever seen. not only is that bag beautiful, it was posted by a hubby! fabulous! i can't wait to see the wallet!
  12. Thank you and my wife thanks you. She doesn't read this forum on purpose because she would be doing nothing but buying bags if she did, so I pass information on to her, we go on a hunting expedition then come home and celebrate :drinkup:
  13. Nice bag, great husband, hope she enjoys both!!!!
  14. Hehe so if she doesn't post, why do you?
  15. So I can get to the buying/selling forums and find her some more deals, of course :winkiss: