Just back from shopping LOTS of pics!!!

  1. So I went to LV today and picked up some things
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Don't do this to us....this is torture!! What did you get!!!
  3. I wonder what could be in those boxes.
  4. your shopping trip beats mine....dont torture me!!
  5. I'll start with my BF new belt he looks at this every time we go in. He wanted the perforated vachetta belt but no store in the UK has it so he got this one it looks great on.
  6. Sorry I'm having size issues with the pics ( I swear I'm not doing it on purpose) I'll post as quickly as I can
  7. :nuts: :drool: I wonder what's all in there!!!! Plz don't torture us!!
  8. argh! the suspense is killing me. waiting...
  9. Just a small shopping trip :lol: Can't wait to see everything!
  10. More!
  11. Pomme Inclusion Hair barette this is my first piece of inclusion it's so cute I like the skinny one better than the bigger one (only my opinion)

    the box was a little big for this it is one of the front boxes
    Hair Grip.jpg
  12. ooh, that belt is pretty snazzy, can't wait to see what other goodies you have!!
  13. A brown & gold bandana I think this first came out with the theda collection but they said it's new in so maybe it's a re-release gorgeous I love it the brown & gold are so rich in colour but doesn't come out well in the pics
    Brown Bandana.jpg Brown bandana 1.jpg
  14. This white shawl was new in today they only got one. It has the 4 LV logos (symbols) at each end in a thick white/silver embroidery (sp?)

    I may sound crazy now but I'm thinking of using it as a table runner (but I haven't decided yet)
    White Shawl.jpg White Shawl LV.jpg
  15. Great stuff so far- love the idea of using it as a table runner!