Just Back from Paris!

  1. Well I'm back from my 1st visit to France & it was just magical. I've been a Francophile since the age of 12 & was beginning to think I'd never get there.... For the past couple of months I've been trying to keep off TPF. I've lasped a couple times to take a sneak peek at all the lovely new H bags.... But I really thought it was just TOO dangerous for me to hang around here. I even declared to DH that I knew I was living in a dream world and I was going to quell my H fetish for about 10 years or so when it would financially make more sense, blah, blah, blah.

    Now how a reformed H addict goes to Paris & come out empty handed I have no idea. I simply had to go and take a peek at the Mothership and oh my! Isn't it INCREDIBLE??? I thought, "Now, I have to at least get a little memento of my trip," and I have been wanting a Ulysee for some time so I caved a little. DH, however, had other ideas. He knew I wanted a watch for my 40th (which isn't til the end of next year) and I had just been given a bonus from work, which I rarely spend on myself. He also wanted me to have a memento from Paris that I’d cherish always…

    The SAs were all SO helpful there; the service was excellent.
    We sat upstairs in the jewellery dep't while the SA showed us her trays of watches & I tried them on, and I swear I almost popped a blood vessel trying to contain myself. When the SA walked off to find something else DH pointed out another lady who was clinging on to her husband's arm for dear life. She was holding her little orange bag & it looked for all the world like at any moment she would start hootin' & hollerin' & jump around for joy. She was pressing her lips together so she wouldn’t have a grin from ear to ear and trying to look composed. It was so cute; and I was glad it wasn't just me who found it hard to play the "Sophisticated, Devil-may-care, I-do-this-every-day-Dahhhling" type of Hermes customer. :lol:

    Enough of the rambling & on with the booty:
    P9260002.JPG P9260003.JPG P9260005.JPG P9260006.JPG P9260008.JPG
  2. Congrats! It sounds like you had an amazing experience!
  3. The Ulysee is the GM in Blue Jean. The insert I got is hard to see in the photo. It's 3 colours - white pearlescent, greyish powder blue & then blue/grey. I now know why you ladies like to sniff your togo bags - it smells divine! I can't bring myself to write in it yet. I just open the box & smell it!:shame:

    In the second box:
    P9260011.JPG P9260013.JPG P9260015.JPG P9260016.JPG P9260020.JPG
  4. Welcome back! So glad you had such a wonderful time! And excellent choice for a momento- you will cherish it!
  5. Now I have to add...gorgeous watch! Happy, happy birthday!
  6. Yes, welcome back! Great pics and thank you for sharing. I love the last pic of the watch...so yummy!
  7. Congratulations! Wonderful memories you will always have forever.
  8. love the watches! love the bling!
  9. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE UR WATCH!!! i will be drooling in my sleep tonite over it. congrats!!!!
  10. What a treasure!! So glad you had a wonderful time!
  11. Woohoo! Wear them well.
  12. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Paris. I LOVE your new watch!!
  13. Wow!!:nuts: Love the watch, excellent choice for a momento. Congrats:yahoo:
  14. Congratulations! It's a beautiful watch, I am sure it will always remind you of what a wonderful time you had everytime you wear it.

    I was just at the Mothership about a month ago. I miss the store & being in Paris already. Wish I could go back soon!:crybaby:
  15. How wonderful! The watch and agenda are just beautiful!! And it sounds like you had a most wonderful time, and you made off with the best of souvenirs. :smile: