Just back from Paris or... why don't wear Parisians more CL's!

  1. Hi lady's I just got back from a 3 day trip to Paris (hubby was there on buisness).
    I remember there being a thread on Paris and why we didn't see more red soles there.....
    I lived in Paris for year before we moved down here but you tend to forget ;)
    On wednesday I decided to give in a try dressed nicely all light gray outfit and slipped on my ariella talon's in gray suede, such a gorgeous shoe.
    We stayed in the rue Saint Honoré (can't remember if it was Fbg. Saint Honoré) so it's quite central and I had in mind to check on some Bal in Le Printemps as well as other stuff in Les Galeries Lafayettes......

    I started at about 10 at 5 in the afternoon I coudn't do another step my feet were killing me (huge blisters on my little toes:crybaby:) I had kept a pair of balletflats in my bag in case off.......but even in those usually so comfy shoes everything was aching....ouch!

    So that's to say why Parisians don't :nogood:wear CL's on a regular basis :lol:!

    Now an addict is a true addict if he/she realises that the addiction "hurts" but still continues.
    So like any true addict I had to check out both CL stores there isn't much choice and I nearly got les En Passant in rue de Grenelle en nude but they were a bid big and I passed (I then regretted it...:s) Should I order them?

    Next day off the rue J.J. Rousseau...not much choice BUT nude patent yoyo's in my size :yahoo:. It was the curved 85 heel but I thought it's better than nothing, I had the 110 heel but half a size too small, now these are great comfy and perfect for summer!

    Ahhhhhh but I still dream of smth VP in nude so I asked about custom orders...but they won't do anything that has been done before, now I am still very tempted but that's another thread.......:graucho:

    alltogether it was a geat stzay, great food, new clothes......and my cute yoyo's and an idea fixe of getting smth custom made...:sweatdrop:
  2. i miss Paris!!! you make me wanna go back.. i used to live there too :graucho: if there's one thing i miss best, that'd be laduree's macaroons LOL.
  3. Oh that's funny I love them too, we went there for coffe yesterday and I had some and too home a little selection......diat starts on monday!

    And sorry for my poor spelling I forgot to control :shame:!
  4. Here's a pic of the En Passant as I said they had them in nude but a little big did I mess up not getting them?.....I am not shure!

  5. Ahh, Paris! I want to go back. Congrats on the nude yoyos. You know what? I think you should hold out for the nude shoes you really want. Even though you feel as if you regret on passing up the en passant, you would have bought them on the spot if you really wanted them. No one hesitates when it is something they really want and have to have.
  6. Sounds like fun. Someday I hope to go visit France.
  7. I think you're right they were nice but not overwhelming.
  8. Oh Paris! I noticed that with disappointment too. I walked around looking at women's shoes like some kind of pervert and didn't see a single red sole until I came to America! :lol:
  9. Ive never been to Paris :crybaby:
    Always wanted to go there to shop and have cafe. I spend my summers in Greece and I know what you mean by staring at peoples feet looking for red lol
    I always did imagine Pairs would be full of red soles. I guess is just a stereotype, like how almost everyone thinks NY is this "bad" place & that you can get robbed in an instant lol
  10. I was just in Greece too:smile:
  11. oh, those damn macaroons! i brought back a big box of them with me and ate them ALL.. sooo good!

    and i had no idea there were 2 CL stores when i was there, so i only went to one of them.. i was so upset when i found out :sad:
  12. What arrondissements are each CL boutique located in?
  13. The first boutique is in the 1st arrondissement Rue J.J. Rousseau not far from Palais Royal, the second is on the left bank, Rue Grenelle close to where it "hits" the Boulevard Saint Germain I think it's the 7th arrondissement.