Just back from Paris, here's what I got

  1. Had a wonderful time trying on all the bags at the flagship store on the Champs Elysees! Had a lovely SA, her name is Gloria Hanna, if anyone is heading there, she is very helpful and a sweet girl. I ended up with a Damier Alma with the extra strap (IMO essential) and an adorable key chain in the shape of a little purse. I found the Onatah to be an ordinary hobo and didn't think it was worth the money - went to Chanel, Prada and Darel - still think LV is the best bet over there. Great city!!! have to figure out how to go back soon!!!!!
  2. Congrats! Sounded fun! Do you have pics?
  3. :nuts: Congrats! Love the Alma in Damier and the strap is very handy. Would love to see them all:yes: :flowers:
  4. I'd love to see pictures!
  5. Oooo...sounds fun! Congrats on your new goodies!
  6. Wow, what a wonderful trip that would be. :nuts:
    Please post pics if you have any.
  7. I love the Louis Vuitton in Paris. It's THE best one, of course! Can't wait to see photos! *hinthint*
  8. Congrats! Love the Alma in any design. My mom has the Alma in Epi Mandarin. She loves it and I love seeing her with it.
    LV is truly the best! The only comparable in its crafstmanship class is Goyard.
  9. Having a problem with re-sizing - here's the keychain:
  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
  11. I had an AWESOME time - It is an amazing city - really sad to come home.
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  12. :amazed: :amazed: im so shocked that the SA's name is exactly the same as mine..
    her first name is my first name and her last name *i assume* is my middle name

    this is such a coincidence :Push:

    and btw, congrats on ur purchase.. :heart:
  13. WOW! That is fabulous! Any tips? I am going in May!! Thanks!!
  14. :yahoo:CONGRATS, Suzy!!! GORGEOUS BUYS!!!:love:
  15. gorgeous pieces...congrats...enjoy wearing them..