Just back from NM Last Call in Short Hills

  1. Yes stuff has been picked over but you can still find stuff. Not a lot of bags--several YSL muses in various colors but in terrible condition. There were several cute pradas.

    Cute shoes at more than 50% off. I saw several wedge Guccis, Prada, Cole Haan. I even saw a pair of Red Chanel in size 8 (it had a very high wedge).

    A lot of dressy dresses on sale too.

    If your nearby, I would check it out before its all gone!

    Good luck ladies!
  2. What sort of condition were they in? How much were they? Also, we're the the oversized or regular?
  3. Do you mean the muses? Not sure about size. There were a couple of brown and a few in a color hard to describe--almost like pale pink/peach?

    I believe the prices were like $595 but they were filled with scratches. I really think they shouldn't have even bothered to put them out.
  4. See...I was there on wed and I was not a fan of anything that I saw. I saw a pair of Louboutins, but were not my size. They were the only ones left.
  5. Oh boy, I am dangerously close to Short Hills. There goes the rest of my CC, the poor thing is in overdrive these days.
  6. I was there pretty early so by the end of the day, there may not be much left. I did score a pair of Cole Haan shoes. I see they are still selling on the cole Haan website for $155 and I got them for $69.

    Good luck!