Just back from New York....

  1. Came home a couple of hours ago ,can hardly see ! but wanted to let you know i scored in Hermes a beautiful 32 gold togo kelly with palladium, by coincidence a helpful Pf enabler was there and helped me decide between a 32 and a 40 ...think i made the right choice... will fill you in on all the details tomorrow when i can think straight....:smile:
  2. Congratulations. Can't wait for the details.
  3. TOMORROW!!!!! We have to wait until TOMORROW???????? Noooooo. :crybaby:
  4. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!
  5. Wow. Congratulations. Another lucky tPF'er!!!
  6. Am meant to be asleep ! Eyes burning , girls cranky etc etc....!promise tomorrow....:yes:

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
  8. YAY!!! So happy that you found a lovely Kelly in NY!!! Can't wait to see pix!
  9. YAY!!! Congratulations!!

    WOW, there sure is some great bag karma floating around the forum lately!
  10. omgd, you lucky duck! how divine. i canNOT wait to hear more!!!
  11. I'm so happy for you, Birkin Girl! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. :party: Can't wait to see the pictures!
  13. Congratulations!!! Cannot wait to see pics!
  14. Congratulations!!! Cant wait to hear all the details!!!
  15. Congrats! Can't wait for more details - and glad to hear we all 'enable' others!