Just back from my honeymoon and guess what I got???

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  1. A silver Balenciaga box! My husband and I took a trip to St. Barth's for a day with the intent (well, my intent) of finding Balenciagas--and since St. Barth's retail stores do siestas, I had less than an hour to find them! Talk about stress!!! As soon as we docked, I made a bee-line for a sweet store named Calypso which was fully stocked with firsts, citys, sacs, one twiggy, and two boxes--one in pink metallic and one in silver. Maybe it was the slight tan I had from the trip or the outfit I was wearing, but I just fell in love with the way the silver box looked while carrying. So I took the plunge and bought it! I'm sure I will get creamed when the euro is converted to dollar, but it was worth it. I love it. As soon as I can, I will download the pictures of it. :smile:
  2. Congratulations! (On your wedding and the new handbag!)
  3. Congratulations on your wedding/honeymoon AND your new bag! That should be a nice memento of your trip! Not that you would forget your honeymoon! Way to choose under pressure! And the Euro converts a lot nicer than the pound! About $0.83 to 1 EU.
  4. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  5. That's awesome, congrats on your wedding and new bag ! ;)
  6. Congrats on your new bag. But most of all, congratulations on your marriage. Here's to many wonderful years to come. Cheers!
  7. Thanks everyone! The honeymoon was awesome. We tooka cruise to the Caribbean. I've downloaded the pics but they're too big to upload to the blog. I need to make them smaller. Grrr....

    Anyway, I'm really happy with the bag. It's bigger than I thought it would be but it's the perfect size to hold everything I need and it's great for casual purposes--the weekend and going out and doing errands.
  8. Please post pics of you holding the bag so we can see the size! And congrats again!
  9. Congrats on both! What a memorable honeymoon!
  10. congrats! now thats a honeymoon!
  11. okay figured out how to shrink the images so they can be uploaded. Let me know what you think. I included one with me holding it. I have a few more to add.
    bbag1.JPG bbag2.JPG bbag3.JPG bbags1.JPG
  12. I included one picture where the box is next to my well-used caramel city so you can get an idea of the difference in size.
  13. Very cute! I love the caramel city too. It looks soft and squishy and well loved.
  14. The pics are fantastic, and the bag looks great on you! I love it!!!!!!!! How wide is it side to side? I may have to add a box to my list!
  15. It is very well-loved. The handles have darken quite a bit. And I tripped and fell while carrying it. I could have cared less about falling and hurting myself than I cared about the fact that I landed on the side that I was carrying the bag! Miraculously, it didn't get scuffed up. A remarkable testament to the geniuses behind Balenciaga. Here are a few more pics:
    caramel city.JPG bbags2.JPG