Just back from Hermes Paris!

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  1. The shop has maaaany turquoise togo bags for the summer. Overall, loads of bright summery colours. I saw no tans, no browns, nuffle! Also saw a croc Kelly in green that was to die for.

    Just wanted to share...
  2. OOH -the Mothership! Thanks for sharing! Turquoise is big at my H store, too.
  3. It is starting to make more sense (or I have become enlightened)...it seems they hand make many large bunches of the same colored bags, but various styles and ship them out. Have you noticed that when the ladies give reports across the board? I love the various colors! I will give the Florida report very soon.
  4. KB, sooo true. When I was at H a couple of weeks ago, another SA was unpacking three boxes to put on the shelf - all were turquoise. Then, when I picked up my Birkin, they had four other Potiron Togo bags and four brand new blue jean Togo bags. Also a lot of white lately. When Hermes gets a good match on a shade/skin combo, they produce a lot in that combo.

    Go POTIRON!!!
  5. When I was in my store yesterday, I noticed a predominance of blue jean, vert anis, and white....:biggrin:
  6. Makes me want to go to my local Hermes just to take a look on what they got.. This should be fun! :idea:
  7. I must add the "Mothership" (My G... I almost go there as you would go to Church,humbled by this place - If walls could speak!!!) has a lovely feature : as you walk past the shop, you hear old French songs from the 30's 40's being played. Just adds a unique touch to the experience. I also saw the togo Potiron.

    J'aime Paris!
  8. aw that's nice! I hope I'm there too.. did they have any Birkins on the shelf though? How is the color aqua like? I haven't seen it yet :cry: looks like I'm pretty behind...:hrmm: :Push:
  9. I second that question. I want an answer if you have seen any birkin for sale on the shelf in Paris?