Just back from Coach

  1. I ran over to the Boutique at lunch today to see the new floor set & grab a catalog. The store was a mess & the SAs were so busy they really didn't want to be bothered by me.

    I was FINALLY able to get one of them to get the new Turnlock Wristlet in Black from the back so I could buy it with my PCE (after they told me that they didn't get any in) and then I practically had to beg them to get a catalog from the back for me... When I first asked for one they told me to just look at the store copy... Umm no I'd like a copy to take home, please.... Then I heard a comment to the affect that they could only work on one project at a time... Sorry but isn't your customers your most important 'project'?!

    I know they were busy with the reset but it was the first time I've ever been to that store & received that kind of treatment....:rolleyes:

    Anyhoo... with the exception of a few scarves I was not overly impressed with the new stuff they had out of the floor. I guess that's a good thing for my credit cards!!

    I'll post some pics of the wristlet when I get home tonight.
  2. you should have asked for the manager.....they needed to stop what they were doing and help u
  3. Wow, talk about awful service. I would have went kung fu on their asses.
  4. One of them was the manager!!! That's why I remained calm & pleasant the entire time... I want to apply for a PT job there this Holiday season!
  5. There is no excuse for bad service. I am sorry but at least your bank account is happy.
  6. HA! Your situation sounds like mine was.
    I'm sorry you experienced that.
  7. How annoying... whenever I go into Coach-- all the SAs are friendly and want to help. It was even VERY busy when I went in last time... and got the same response. :tdown: If one was the manager-- I'd call corp. there is no reason for that crap! :cursing:

    Congrats on your new goodies!
  8. Isn't that stuff supposed to be done by the time the store opens??!!?? That kind of treatment chaps my ass...uh, hello! Your customers are in there to buy $38 keychains and $500 bags...can you get your ass off the floor and give some SERVICE?? :cursing:
    Sorry to hear about that tinksdelight.
  9. That sucks that they were putting you off :cursing: it wouldnt kill them to have one person stop and help you. But cant wait to see the pic :tup:
  10. well said!
  11. Retail SA's in general seem to be less customer service oriented now days.
    Not cool.
    Enjoy your new goodies and hopefully next time the will do their job properly and help you the way they should!
  12. They should have done the displays BEFORE the store opened so everything was ready. Some people are just miserable in the jobs and it shows. I would definitely complain. I did that at Dooney & Bourke SCP about 5 years ago. They sent me a $100 gift card to make up for it.
  13. I thought that resets should be done in off hours but this is the second time that I've been there during a reset & both times it was mid-day... stuff thrown everywhere. It's a wonder someone doesn't walk off with something.
  14. Geez, that's just ridiculous. I love your wristlet, but you should have had someone there making sure you were happy!