Just back from Camarillo Premium Outlets Coach + more (Pics inside)

  1. I'm back and it was great, I was able to escape and not think about some tough things I'm dealing with right now. I was not impressed with COACH (it was packed though), lots of things, but nothing really grabbed me. I did however get a black leather swingpack, something I've been wanting for a while.

    I cleaned up at KENNETH COLE (50% off almost everything), 3 leather bags, 2 sweaters and a PVC mini bag for $133, I couldn't believe it.

    I love the ivory bag, it has a "rocker appeal" with the studs. It was $25 (GENUINE LEATHER) after all the discounts.:nuts:

    Juicy Couture- the charm is for my friend's birthday, she has the charm bracelet she's building, and the brown "skinny mini" (don't know what they call it in the JC line) is for me. I got an extra 25% off that.

    GAP- 2 adorable casual dresses I can wear on Saturdays with my flip flops ($13.99 each)

    Funny store, 4 different women came up to me in the COACH store to tell me they were admiring my denim satchel. I felt a little self concious because I did see them staring at me outside the store (got there at 9:45) before they opened the doors.

  2. [​IMG]
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  7. Great haul, Diva!!! Love the dresses and the studded bag!!
  8. This is for my other friend's birthday, she's a little conservative so I thought this small black leather bag from KENNETH COLE would be perfect, only $19.99 after the discount.

  9. Ooooh. Love all your finds. I'm glad a little retail therapy helped. :smile:
  10. i love all your stuff!!!!!
  11. Thanks, the texture and color reminded me of your Bridget clutch.
  12. It did, thanks! :yes:
  13. nice deals!! Do you mind letting me know what was on sale at the coach outlet. I thought about going up there but it is probably not worth it. Seems like there is no "special" sale for president's day
  14. Glad to hear you got some great stuff during your retail therapy!
  15. Thanks, I'm feeling a whole lot better, and best of all this therapy wasn't too expensive, all in all I paid only $312 for everything.