Just Back From Barney's NY Chicago ...

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  1. went to Chicago today ... Barney's had some new bags in ...

    saw the Grass Green in a First and City w/Regular HW and a City (I think)
    w/GHW - The color is really pretty, although not sure I could pull it off myself - same with the new Blue (what is that one called?)

    They also had Naturel and Cafe with GHW - Naturel is OK, but I like Greige much better and the Cafe is TDF! :drool: Just don't like that big gold hardware for myself - but the SA said that it is a big seller!
  2. thanks for the feedback..I just received the day w/ regular hardware in cafe this morning and you are right..TDF :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Yep!
    I am definitely getting Cafe, I just can't decide between a Twiggy and City ...
  4. they also had some older stuff... all those Brown colors are hard to keep track of! There was Truffle, Cafe, Camel and Cognac there!