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  1. I have this burberry pink check bag that i bought for $747 a couple of years ago ...
    I was thinking of selling it .. what do you think? Is it worth it? or do you think that I should keep it? .. the corners are a bit darkened and it doesnt really show unless you really inspect it .. the inside lining is clean and spotless ...
    do you think it will sell for $400? ..
    I am NOT selling it yet .. just asking for advice ;)

    bag charm not included haha

  2. not even one reply? :sad:
  3. I don't know the resale value of these bags but I would say, go for it.
  4. I think it's a great bag! I love pink Burberry! If there is something else you have your eye on, sure - sell it! It looks to be in good condition and I think someone would love to have it!
  5. Just do a search on eBay on "completed auctions" - it will tell you exactly what price range this bag has been selling in.
  6. I doubt that you can get a good price for it; I think that most burberry bags go for relatively cheap on eBay as I remember, so I wouldn't suggest it. However, as SwankyMama said, the best way is to do a completed auctions search. I think there are new bags going to $300 or so though, so a used one might not bring as much.
  7. thanks everyone :smile:
  8. I agree with this observation, Burberry just doesn't really hold its value very well. You could also try trading the bag, maybe that would bring in something that you'd be able to use more ?
  9. I agree..burberry has a poor resale value...i have the pink barrel bag and its seen better days, but i still love it and use it as an everyday, trow around bag. keep it! its a cute color!
  10. I would keep it. I don't think you can sell it for much but do an ebay check to see how it's doing there.
  11. good ideas everyone!!
    maybe after i sell my chanel i can check to see if anyone is willing to trade with something else plus the differece .. thanks :smile:
  12. No- it won't sell for $400.00- you may be able to get over $200.00- if you sell it on ebay then wait for Xmas time and you'll get more money for it