Just arrived. Tory Burch SLG and Henri Bendel bag. Wanna see?

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  1. I decided to bite the bullet and order this bag. I saw it last Friday and it's really a great alternative to another style which I adore but cannot get right now. I returned my LV mono 6 key holder. So this is my revised Valentines Day gift.

    I returned the keyhole we which was so pretty because after one week of seriously gentle use I noticed the glazing was coming off. Since a key holder was something I have never used I decided to get another designer to see how I liked it and have it be a tad more practical. This card holder has 4 pockets. I can carry license and debit card and a credit card. I will say the key hooks are not as smooth as the LV one. It seems to catch? We will see if that's a deal breaker or not.





    It's a bit thicker than the LV case not as slim. It also feels really good. I noticed the LV had kind of a sticky feel to it which was odd. But I just got the Tory and loaded her up. Seeing as how she fits 4 cards I think that's pretty cool for those days where I run out and just grab my keys. Sometimes I even forget my phone but I always have my keys. Lol. I might post a video review on you tube. I am debating it.

    So there's that. Here's the HB that came. I have to say the packaging was really nice and up there. It was like opening on large present. Even the tape was logo. I'll post some pics.




    Some mod shots.




    It's a really pretty saffiano leather. It's structured but not too much. And slouchy but not too much either. It's slim so it sits close to the body. I am interested to see how this holds up as well my first HB purchase ever. I can tell you I felt pretty special opening this up!!!!!

    It's a dark orange with a canvas strap. Very comfy.
  2. What a gorgeous bag, and I love the color!!! Wear her in good health and happiness.

    Oh - the key holder is cool, too - clever to add pockets to be able to carry cards, too. Did you add the chain for the big key? That's a clever touch, too!

    Great finds!
  3. I love the color of both. So beautiful.
  4. Fabulous purchases! You done good!
  5. Nice buys! I really like that key holder, especially.

  6. Thank you so much indiaink! I am very excited to have this beauty. Yes I saw somewhere on a you tube hack someone did that because the large key fob didn't fit so well in the case. That's ok because I use my car key more than the house key. So I can start the car pretty easy from inside without opening it up. I looped the chain around the hooks not being used so they also don't flop about. I looked at a Longchamp one but it was too small and felt flimsy. They had a Prada one but it was in a very dazzling gold and some other boring color. Lol.

    The color orange on the bag kinda reminds me of pumpkin but not as dark. The strap is actually the same orange with black but it's from the spring line. They had a powder blue one too. It was hard to decide! Lol.

  7. Thank you!!!! :smile:. I am looking forward to wearing her.

  8. Thanks! Red and orange. Great colors. :smile:

  9. It's going to be a good piece. Let's see how it holds up. If the rings hold up then it was totally worth it. Thanks!
  10. The bag looks wonderful on you. Great idea with the little bead chain on the car opener. Wish I had thought of that before I gave my dd my Lv key holder. Your key holder is very pretty too!

  11. Thank you. I was worried it might look too big on me. I like med bags because I don't carry a lot I love the ease of space to get in and out. Make sense? I can use a much smaller bag but I don't like my things packed tightly in there. I do love the color of the keyholder. It feels different than the LV one. I am looking very forward to using these guys!
  12. Love love the bag!!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Thanks!!!
  15. Love them both!!!! Congrats!