Just arrived today my *new*......

  1. Black Epi Cannes bought on eBay from a fellow tpfer :yahoo: :yahoo: we are taking over!! Yellow one I bought in Sept now I need a blue and red to complete the set.
    SA400026.JPG SA400029.jpg SA400030.JPG
  2. very nice! don't they have green too ;)
  3. :supacool: !! Congrats! Thanks for sharing.....
  4. They're very funky, and something a bit different - which is always good
  5. Very pretty- Congratulations!
  6. That is so cute. I hadn't see that style before. I bet you look great carrying that down the street. Too bad you can't carry both at once!
  7. not in this one only the four colours made
  8. congrats!
  9. :smile: Congrats on your purchase! Such a unique piece- I never see anyone carrying the Cannes. That bag looks like it's just about brand new!! Your two little Epi Cannes twins look sooo cute together. Enjoy!!
  10. Such a unique shape! Love them!
  11. CONGRATS..! :love: I see Kaorich3353 ( right? ) usually have in red. Anw, I really keen this cannes, too, totally unique shape :smile: I think if I find one in yellow/blue I'll use it as cosmetics box, what do you think?

    Could I know what for you use it? Thanks :smile:
  12. I use it has a bag, it holds so much it's really easy to carry and turns so many heads you would not believe I get more people staring at my yellow cannes than my miroirs
  13. It is perfect condition I am so happy with it
  14. Congratulations.
  15. How cool! Congrats! ;)