Just arrived the Lilac Compagnon

  1. I have just received the Lilac Comagnon from Cultstatus in Australia
    I :love: :love: :love:
    But i have paid 50€ of duties over an ensured value of 200 AUD :mad:

    Now i'm afraid about the calcaire city coming soon :cry: :cry:
    Compagnon Wallet 002.jpg Compagnon Wallet 003.jpg Compagnon Wallet 005.jpg Compagnon Wallet 004.jpg Compagnon Wallet 001.jpg
  2. oohhhh I love it... the colour is fabulous!!!

    I just put in an order with Cult today for a matching set of Ink Day bag and ink Compagnon wallet...

    I cant wait to hold it.


  3. wow i love it!!
  4. wow, very nice! it looks big enough to be used as a clutch. That colour is beautiful.
  5. l_b, Congrats! What a pretty colour! Thanks for posting pics particularly the one of you holding it. It's bigger than I expected. But it's a good size for a clutch by itself!
  6. Congrats! Gorgeous I have a black and a caramel, they are great! Enjoy!
  7. PRETTY!!! I've never seen a Compagnon before--thanks for posting!!!

    I wonder if you were over-charged duty--it might be worth looking into. In Canada you can submit a claim if you have been over-charged or if you return the item. Just a thought.
  8. l b, congrats! I think it will look gorgeous inside your new calcaire city coming soon!
  9. Oooh very nice! Didn't realise how big it was, thanx for the pics!
  10. gorgeous!!!!!! I love it!!!!

    percephonie honey, I miss our chit chats:yes: :heart:
  11. ^Awww so do I! I'll PM you :heart:
  12. how much is the wallet? thanks, it's adorable!
  13. :heart::heart::heart: it!!!
  14. I have paid for it 711 AUD ( with 30 of shipping) = 540$.
    I have also asked the price to Balenciaga NY.... 595$ + 70$ for shipping overseas..
    The wallet has been sent friday from Perth and i received it today at 11.30 am....
    I will use it also as a clutch:heart: :heart:
  15. Oh L_B, it's just beautiful! The size looks perfect and I can't believe how many CC holders it has! How lovely.

    I hope they don't nail you too badly on the City!

    I wish you well,