Just Arrived: Plum MAMM


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
I pre-ordered a plum mamm from 3 sirens a while back and it just arrived! It's a great little bag, perfect for errands or shopping when you don't need a ton of stuff with you. The color is gorgeous. It sort of reminds me of the old eggplant color but plum is darker. The leather is slightly pebbley and soft yet holds its shape. I am really liking it! I've attached a pic but the color isn't exact. It's darker IRL. It looks like a dark red plum! :biggrin: I wasn't sure if plum had been posted yet so thought I'd share! I can get more pics if anyone wants them later, just let me know. (The strap is tucked under the bag, I'm carrying it handheld today!)