Just arrived in the Mail......scarf!

  1. Don't know if any of you remember, but I had a horrible experience trying to purchase this scarf design in this colourway (my all-time favourite!) and didn't get it....well, a lovely Japanese seller came to my rescue, and she has just arrived in the mail (the scarf, not the lovely Japanese seller!:lol: )...........

    Rencontre Oceane by Annie Faivre in Green colourway, 2001.

    Now I have to find the blue colourway!!!! LOL!!! It never ends!!

    I'm a happy girl today......AND I got it cheaper than the one I missed out on!!! Good Times..........:tender:
    100-0003_IMG_2.JPG IMG_8836.jpg
  2. OMG, K! You GOT IT!!! WOW! I LOVE it....it's gorgeous. I know there's a story to this....spill! ....it's truly stunning.....
  3. I LOVE that pattern and have been looking for it forever. The colors are so wonderful. Have fun wearing it!
  4. Drat! And I've got to go get ready to go out to dinner.....I'll have to check back later, K......CONGRATULATIONS! She's a BEAUTY!
  5. ^ Ok, well, I flew to Tokyo and bumped into this little Japanese lady who said "you look like you collect Hermes scarves - come with me"......

    Just Kidding!

    No, as luck would have it, another one appeared on eBay a week after the auction from hell....now I have been seeking this scarf in green since 2002 (when I realised it was no longer available!! - DOH!) and have NEVER seen it on eBAy, despite having an auto-search for 5 years! Can you believe it - two of the same in less than two weeks (see, when I pray REALLY hard, someone listens.......or else the planets are aligned or something - actually I think Jupiter is in Scorpio, I'm having a lucky year for sure!) ......anyway......I made a ridiculously high bid, but only one person bid against me - in total I paid $10 above the starting price!! Whoo hoo......I'm almost as giddy about it as they day I got Black Box Kelly home!!!!

    AND it will be a nice pair with my Vert Anis when she arrives!!!!
  6. wooo that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Loooove the color and the details! it's amazing!! Congrats Kristie! What a happy day!!
  7. yes, isn't it divine - I actually collect this pattern, and other Annie Faivre designs, but most of my scarves have a 'fish' theme.....LOL, and I'm not even sure how it started!! So now I'm seeking the turquoise blue colourway......and my Holy Grail - black!!!! Fingers Crossed!!!

    May I recommend the seller - greenjade927.....she was SO lovely, and has many mint condition Hermes Scarves all the time!!
  8. Oh, that is just gorgeous, Kristie! Congratulations on your lovely find.
  9. It will be great! I have a plisse in Tohu Bohu with the same green in the background as your scarf and I wear it with my togo vert anis Birkin. Tohu has lots of great colors also. You would probably like it:flowers:

  10. fesdu, can you believe it? this is the sort of thread that could tempt a girl! :graucho:

    kristie - that is totally beautiful. i :heart: it.
  11. Wow! That is one gorgeous scarf! Lucky you! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. A year ago I saw Rencontre in black in plisse at Neiman Marcus. I didn't like it because all the pattern disappeared. This is one pattern that looks better in a flat style.
  13. GK - I ADORE Tohu, it's so bright and summery!! (and modern!).

    Fesdu - what's in the pipeline, girl?????????C'mon, you can tell us.......
  14. GK - I have it in plisse in the raspberry...you're right, it's far too busy a pattern for plisse but I would NEVER iron it out, although I've heard you can.........GULP!
  15. I just bought a Twilly in Bohu with a black ground. It's my first Twilly, I never was that crazy about them until I saw this. It has great colors and will go great with all my colorful bags:girlsigh: