Just another vent

  1. Hi girls :flowers:

    I've been really down, but today is my worst :sad: and I really needed to share it with someone and who better than the tPF!
    I have no luck with guys and I haven't had a boyfriend for about two years and a half now.....I just met this guy and for the first couple of days, the convos were great and he would call me every night, but I knew he had a girlfriend. So after that came into the convo, he stopped calling me as much and ignoring me more, which I completely understand, but I am just his friend. Nothing ever happened between us nor I want to be more than friends with him. I don't feel ready and he's not the right guy apparentely.
    Well, yesterday, I was home alone and bored and told him to come over and he was like fine. He showed up with 3 friends that only did **** in the house......so today Im really sad and mad.....a combo of the two. There's a lot of immaturity on his part and a lot of making the same mistakes I always do on my part (even after everyone warns me). Now you know how the story goes......after his friends analyze everything, I am the one who will probably be seen as some "chick" and always talked about.....

    Thanks for letting me vent......I know I can count on you regardless of anything and I really needed it!

  2. No advice, just sympathy for you. It sounds like you know this wasn't the guy for you. Hold out for better; don't just "settle". Better to be single than with the wrong person. This a safe place to vent anytime.

    Hope you feel better soon.:flowers:
  3. boxermom is right....there are worse things than being alone - one of them is being in a relationship with the wrong man.Hang on in there.....:smile:
  4. Awwwww. (((hugs)))