Just another rant!

  1. Sold a pair of Uggs on best offer 2 days ago. Buyer contacted me last night to say she could not buy them now as 'they would not fit her in the calf area'. Why didnt she check that before she sent me an offer then!! Plus she hasn't got the boots yet!

    Also sold a Chloe Paddington to a guy in Germany, I didn't offer Paypal as an option but he did BIN without checking. Anyway, I agree he can pay via Paypal and he says the address is verified. Withdrew the money yesterday and sent the bag...stupid me did not check the address...guess what its not verified!! My own stupid fault I know...just hope nothing goes wrong with this one. He has good feedback so hopefully should be ok...

    Sorry not expecting any advice just ranting! :cursing:
  2. That's annoying on the Uggs!!

    With the bag, you should be ok as long as you sent it signed for
  3. Yep I did. I am sure it will be ok as he has good feedback.
  4. I think eBay should bring in a penalty system for this - you have to put a credit card on file when you sign up and they will charge a fee ($2.00? $5.00?) for every time you win an auction and don't go through with it. It's up to you as a buyer to check everything (authenticity, sizing etc) before you hit that bid button. I'm sure people would think twice before bidding.

    Of course, if once you receive the item and it's a fake or doesn't fit because the seller's measurements were incorrectly stated, then you get the SNAD option as usual. Otherwise, caveat emptor!
  5. Yep good idea. I am fed up with non- payers!
  6. Buyer is pleading with me to not give her a NPB alert. I just said to her she will need to complete the transaction and sell the boots on....am I being a bit harsh? :confused1:
  7. Tough! File the NPB!!!
  8. nope, you're not being harsh. She needs to take responsibility for her own bidding and follow the rules like everyone else. Deadbeat bidders cost sellers time and money.

    On a different note, I don't think you can verify your address with PayPal if you're outside the US (and possibly Canada?) I'm in Europe, and I know that when I used to use eBay a couple of years back, there was no way for me to verify my address.
  9. ^^^ you're right - currently only UK, US and Candaian users can confirm their addresses.
  10. Not at all!
  11. I'd file NPB for the boots too. As for the bag, get tracking for it and you should be OK.