Just another pretty betty **Pics**

  1. Last week I picked up a Betty at a good number....
    It's nothing we haven't seen before, but I figured I'd share....wish it was a quilted ivory bay but.....oh well...
  2. I love this color! :yes: Very pretty indeed! Congrats!
  3. it looks great on you!
  4. Great color - great bag......love, love, love Betty!!
  5. Don't be mad but I think I would return it and save the money towards an ivory quilted Bay. You have lots of Betty's right?
  6. Very cute! I'll never get tired of looking at Bettys!

  7. Ha ha!! I would never be mad!! I need your girls' approval more than anything when it comes to my bags now that I've found you guys....
    But I only own one other betty, it's the metallic chain...and I've been eyeing the red (fave color) for a while but didn't want to pay full price....I got it at third of what the bay would cost me so in theory I could wait, but the bay is probably not going to happen for me for a long long time!!
    I believe my chloe collection is just about finished - 3 silverados, 2 paddys and 2 bettys....although I always say I'm done!! LOL
  8. lovely color bag! the betty is definitely growing on me, i loved the chain handle of the other one too. great purchases! :yes:
  9. Very cute!!!
    Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dothewave:
  10. Gorgeous bag! :drool: The colour and leather is TDF! :woohoo: <- I love this!
  11. Gorgeous! :nuts: I want a betty :crybaby:

  12. ^ Haha! I love that!!! Didn't even see it! :woohoo:

  13. My BAD, for some reason I thought you had like three Betty's? so to get this bag at such a deal??? Well absolutely keep it, also allow me to chime in the color is TDF. I love patent red!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  14. Its gorgeous,
    Im my opinion, everyone needs a betty in their collection, they are so gorgeous :biggrin:

    congrats, you look amazing with it too :smile:
  15. Congrats! I have a soft spot for Betties and I'm a proud owner of one. I love yours, its so lovely!