Just another pretty bag

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  1. #1 Feb 19, 2014
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    I just recently sold a less then year old Tivoli GM. While I loved to look at the bag...I never used it. Here's where I'm at...I LOVE Artsy and am looking at possibly purchasing. However is it just another pretty face that will sit on the shelf? Is it something I will get use out of? I would hate to have the same thing happen twice. ​
  2. Well, everyone laughs at me because I chime in on all Artsy posts..
    I love love love my Artsy's. I have the Mono and empreinte ones.
    You should go through the many pages of the Artsy clubhouse you will learn so much.
    Now if you are buying it new it's going to be and uncomfortable until the strap gets broken in.
    I'm taking about my Mono Artsy.
    I bought mine preloved so I wouldn't have to break in the strap.
    I always say never say never but I will NEVER sell my Mono Artsy!
    If your looking at the empreinte artsy that one is comfortable out of the box.
  3. I'll use mine in DA during spring and summer and I love it! in the beginning the handle is a little unconfy but after a couple of weeks it is just great! I really can recommend her!!!😍
  4. I was one who at first was ready to give up on the Artsy due to the discomfort of the strap. Thanks to TPF I hung in there a bit, broke her in and I'm soooo in LVOE with this bag. I can definitely say I will never sell it! It's just awesome❤️
  5. I like my artsy but it is really a matter personal taste
    some might find the strap drop uncomfy
    and end up not using it so my best advice is you should
    model the bag at the store as much as you can and even put some stuff you carry to check if it fits with stfuff in it
  6. I can't speak to the canvas Artsy, but I love my Emp in Neige. Now this is a color that I have to be very careful with, but its so darn beautiful its worth it.

    A darker Emp color would probably be an easier Artsy to use but Neige is just such a lovely color. I carry it in the Spring & Summer to my heart's content.

    Good luck with your decision!
  7. Why did you never use the tivoli? It is hard to say if you will use the artsy not knowing why you did not like the tivoli. The tivoli has adjustable straps and is more comfortable on the shoulder. I am not an a fan of the artsy, nor hobo bags in general, but I have tried it on. It was not comfortable to me, so I'm guessing you won't love it if you did not like the tivoli.
  8. 1)+++ I love my Artsy and use three of my Artys, I don't mind the strap and I try not carry much when I use them, if you buy preloved, you don't even need to go through the break in stage. All bags can be just another beautiful bag if you don't come to them, I have hard time to come to my Almas, I love them but they are not fitting into my comfort zone, then I told myself, I don't want to collect bags not use them , it will be shame to let those beauties sit in my closet, I have been carried them for a month now and the more I carry them, the more I appreciate the beauty and classic that LV made. And last not least, Markxmikesmon, I love your passionate about all of your love ones, you are always very helpful and giving all of your suggestions to the members here. I know I can come to you to ask question if you know anything about your handbag. Hope to hear good news about your exchange ! :hugs:
  9. The Tivoli kept rolling off my shoulder. It annoyed me. I tried crossing the straps and it stills would roll off. The bag was so pretty I had a hard time letting it go... none the less its gone. I do like hobo type bags. I own the Sully MM and Portobello GM and use both constantly. Does the Artsy roll?
  10. The Tivoli kept rolling off my arm. I tried crossing the straps but they still fell off. It annoyed me. I do like hobo style bags. I own a Sully MM and a Port GM. I use them constantly. Does the Artsy Roll?
  11. Thank you! :flowers:
    I'm going Friday evening.. I will definitely post how it goes.
  12. No the Artsy doesn't roll.
    I'm also a hobo lover so I know you will like the Artsy. You should look at the Delightful MM too that's another great hobo. :smile:
  13. Thank you all for your insight and advice. I appreciate your help. This forum is invaluable. I think I am going to pull the trigger on this one. I will post pictures. :smile:
  14. Yay! Can't want to see it.. Which print are you getting?
  15. Possibly the Mono MM although LouisV76 posted a gorgeous picture of a Artsy in Azur on another thread...she had a beautiful pastel charm on it. TDF. got me thinking...