Just another old wallet question!

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  1. I am considering the IF whipflash cont wallet or a bronze lovcat wallet for my audra and my other purses. I just want one or the other and I need your help deciding. So my rationale is for the IF wallet, it would match my audra but also the leather is nice and it is different and there are 10cc slots. I have a lot of cc so that feature is important. In the other case, the bronze lovcat wallet will go well with the brown from the audra but I think that color will go well with black, red, or whatever. Also there are 11 cc slots and also looks pretty. So please help me and tell what you guys think! :biggrin:
  2. I really love the IF whipflash. It's so beatifully designed. The other one is not as interesting to me.:sad2:
  3. go for the IF, i saw it at NM over the weekend and liked it a lot better than i expected to!
  4. I'm not a big fan of either but the Lovcat looks like something you would pick up in vinyl at KMart....
  5. I was thinking that an LV epi wallet could be another alternative. What do you guys thing and do you guys know how it lives up to tossing around? :amuse:
  6. I have the Audra also and was considering the coordinating wallet but I don't want to have to change wallets all the time and I do change bags - I don't like the way the IF wallet works with my other bags at all - I think it's strictly for that bag.
  7. Yeah, I agree the wallet only works with the IF bag but currently I am using that bag everyday and loving it the more I use it.

    I want to buy a epi lv wallet though that I think will go well with the other purses I have.