Just another example of why you shouldn't buy bbags sight unseen...

  1. once upon a time i was searching for a blueberry work. a lovely prince found one for me and i thought my life was complete -- until the bag arrived. it waas blueberry alright, but the leather was thin, dry, crackly -- ick.

    then i decided i wanted a vert d'eau work and again, after speaking to the sa at length, describing the color and the leather i wanted, i thought she found one. but then i opened the box to find...sapin (a lovely color and nice leather but nothing remotely close to vd).

    then i got a call from an sa who informed me she had a purple brief. not only that, she also had one in turquoise/teal (aka aquamarine). i was so excited i posted a thread about it. a few days later i learned the purple was really a bordeaux (cinnamon?) and the turquoise was really anthracite. who confuses turquoise with anthracite??

    finally, yesterday i visited one of the few stores that carry bbags and when i asked for a black work, i was presented with anthracite (and not a nice one either -- very dull and dry). when i tried to explain it was anthracite she insisted it was black (notwithstanding that it looked blueish and was not the same color as the other 20 black bags on display).

    so the moral of the story is, there is no substitute for seeing the bags IRL (except perhaps a really really really good sa who knows her balenciaga up and down). it only took me 5 years to figure this out!
  2. WORD.
  3. Yikes, sorry to hear about your horrible experiences! All of my Balenciagas (my black first the exception) were purchased not IRL. But they weren't purchased "sight unseen", persay, because my SA emailed me photos of the bags before I committed to buy them.

    I find that SA's in general department stores (NM, Saks, Nordstroms, etc) are not as wise on Balenciaga because that isn't the only brand they are responsible for.

    SA's at Balny know their stuff. I trust buying from them sight unseen 110% (and again, I always request photos).
  4. As we all know, there are so many SA who don't know what the heck they are looking at/talking about. Were these bags returnable? The ONLY bag I have bought that wasn't returnable was my sandstone city at BNY. I just can't do it sight unseen if I can't return.
  5. Good Lord! You deserve a major break from all these disappointments!!! Chin up, kicks, I'm CERTAIN that you'll find the bag you're looking for sooner rather than later...
  6. OMG, I know exactly how you feel!!

    I asked for a bright blue and got anthracite?!?!
    I ordered a cornflower twiggy and she sent an ink city?!?!

    Why oh why can't these SAs *educate* themselves on the very expensive elite product they are selling?!?!

    If I walked into my Porsche dealership and asked for the car that had the most HP I would hope they wouldn't offer me a Boxster!!
  7. Oh my gosh...

    Howww could the sa confuse SAPIN for VERT D'EAU? What!? LOL I'm sorry, but that's actually really funny :p

    I realllly wanted to choose my 2nd bbag in person but there is nowhere that sells Balenciaga's here and quite frankly, BalNY is cheaper when you dont have to pay s/h and tax. Luckily Kim is such a great SA that I felt completely comfortable ordering my 3rd bbag sight unseen from her :yes:
  8. UGH! Good lesson for us all! Of course, I bought my Ink City sight unseen, but not only could I return it for a full refund if need be, but I also have a fabulous SA who tries to educate herself on every product she sells.

    It's scary though what some SA's DON'T know about the product they sell! Just wrong!
  9. wow that sounds terrible! it's so true though, especially with balenciaga, that seeing the bag is far far superior..
  10. actually, i was TOTALLY thinking about you during my 2 anthratrocities -- how could one color be described as

    turquoise/teal and

    i kinda understand confusing it with black but not when she had a dozen black bags to compare it to. it's one thing not to know the proper names (frankly, i've given up using them long ago since they create more confusion), but to not understand basic colors is unacceptable. balenciaga should require that all their sa's attend swatch school (or better yet, to read this board).

    here's an idea: a tPF sponsored balenciaga master's degree. live it, learn it!
  11. :smile: No choice really - none to look at in south australia!
  12. ^i hear ya. my advice was really directed at the ladies who can see the bags irl before buying (like me). but i hope you can at least get good pics!
  13. OMG, I totally understand. I was niemans and asked the SA what color a particular bag was (it was like a medium to light brown) and she said "Brown." She said "this one is brown and that one over there is dark brown and that one over there is light brown." I said "OK!!!!" DUH, I'm not colorblind!!!! Then I said B-bags have names for their colors and she said, no, these are the names.
  14. ^^ she must be related to the Barney's SAs that call the mini coin purse "The Little Guy", like you must be insane not to know what they mean by that.
  15. LOL, I love that term! I'm sorry you're having such trouble! You deserve the smooshiest, yummiest bbag after all your trouble. I hope you get it soon!