Just an Update

  1. I have been contracting since 9:30 am. And they are every 5-10 min apart. I called my ob, and he had me come to the hospital to get checked out. So I just got home. And with all this contracing, I am now 1 cm diliated, and 60% effaced, and at -1 station!! I am still contracting the same,and it's 10:18 pm now, so this baby may be a little early! Now we are on anyday/minute watch!

    (Thanks Ghost! LOL! It's all your fault for making me go shopping (all that walking)! LMAO!!!:roflmfao:) J/Kidding!

    So I just wanted to update ou guys and let you know If I am missing, it's because I'm in Labor!:graucho:

  2. Good luck!! Have a safe, uneventful labor and don't forget to post pictures of the little one. :love::love:
  3. How exciting! Sending happy thoughts your way and wishes for a easy delivery!!
  4. Keep us updated!!! How exciting!!!
  5. Ooh, exciting! Best of luck to you! Looking forward to your update.
  6. Good luck! Hope you have a smooth delivery!
  7. Wishing you a happy delivery!
  8. you must be so excited!!!
    my god its scary though!!!!
    i hope everything goes well for you..
    and baby!!
  9. good luck and best wishes on an uneventful delivery!
  10. how excitiing!!! Good luck and can't wait to see pictures of your little one! :yahoo::love:
  11. Best of luck to you!!! :heart:
  12. Good luck!!!
  13. Yay! Good luck!
  14. Thanks guys

    Well last night I kept waking up because I'm still contracting. And I am still contracting this morning as well, so I am going to go to the mall, and see if I can keep walking to get this kid moving! LOL! If I don't go by friday (My appt is friday) I am going to talk about induction with my dr. Hopefully with all these contractions, I will be going in the next 2 days! *fingers crossed*
  15. good luck hun..with our daue date being one day apart, i am hoping i will go into labor soon too~