Just an ordinary trip turned into surgery

  1. I took my little one to the groomer today (a new one) and halfway into the grooming process (I was running errands) they were attempting to trim his tail to an appropriate length (its really warm here this week) and accidentally chopped off one vertabrae.:cursing:

    The groomer misplaced my number and called my vet which in turn called me. It happened at 12:15 and by the time the vet got a hold of me it was an hour later!:cursing: So while I was having a hot dog he was in pain :crybaby:....
    The owner of the pet grooming place told me to go straight to the vet, his tail was sliced but stopped bleeding since they put some stuff called quickstop on it ....it looked like a cotton ball saturated with tincture....
    I took him straight to the vet and since the bone is exposed, they have to operate and since part of the vertabrae is nicked they have to have some kind of skin to repair it. Which means one more vertabrae will be cut to patch over the skin.

    I thought taking him to the groomers would be something simple and ordinary, but it has resulted in emergency surgery. He is having his catheter put in as we speak, so please radiate some happy thoughts for my little Maltese furry baby.

    This is his first time in surgery and this is his unfortunate first accident.
  2. I dont even know what to say!! Poor baby..the groomer is an idiot! Let us know all is well.:heart::heart:
  3. OMG E, I am so so sorry!!! I will keep the two of you in my prayers!! (((HUGS)))
  4. I can't even believe that!! I am in shock. *prayers for the little one, and hugs for you* What is it with these people?!!?!?
  5. Sending good luck and prayers to you and your poor baby.
    I know accidents happen but why wouldn't the person check they were only cutting hair and not his tail?:wtf:
  6. I hope the groomer will compensate you for your bills. That is so sad. Your poor dog.
  7. Poor dog!! I hope all is ok!
  8. your poor little thing. Hope he's be fine soon.
  9. Poor Pup! I hope he makes a speedy recovery. :smile:
  10. Hope it heals up quickly..keep us posted!
  11. OMG, I am so shocked :wtf:. How could they have possibly done that??? They must have been blindfolded while they were grooming him. Best wishes and a speedy recovery for your beloved fur baby.
  12. poor baby -- what a nightmare!

    hugs and prayers for both of you -- surgery is always so scary. :heart:
  13. Yikes! I'm so sorry! Your poor baby, I hope he has a very fast recovery.

    There have been so many groomer horror stories on these forums, it makes me so glad my girls don't need to see one. What the heck??? :cursing:
  14. Oh poor little thing! Elizabeth, I'm sure this is hard on you too! Hang in there. Our doggies are amazing little creatures who can handle a lot. Give him lots of hugs and scritches from me and Einey! (Einey says good & tasty bones can make almost any hurt go away for a little while.)
  15. That porr baby dog! What the hell was the groomer thinking?? She BETTER pay your vet bills. I hope your baby is feeling better soon.