just an observation, but...

  1. why are we never happy with our HG or "must have" bags??? it seems as if everytime we get our dream bag, it's never quite as perfect as we thought OR the next second, another b-bag catches our eye (shasta, are you listening???) and we must must must get that bag too!

    i'm totally the same way. i wanted a black day, dreamed of it, looked high and low and thanks to our aaalabama, was able to have one in my hot little hands. sure enough, i saw an olive 05 day on eBay (thanks to nanaz!) and i immediately had to hunt it down. and so started my "collection addiction." of course, i've managed to accumulate 6 more bags after that first must have bag.

    i guess it comes down to 3 little words:

    just want to know if anyone had the answer, if there is one. why do we always need/want/must have one (or 6!) more? :confused1:
  2. :sad: this does NOT sound good for me b/c I JUST bought my FIRST one and am still :nuts: :wtf: :sweatdrop: :rolleyes: :heart: in a whirlwind of AWE!
  3. It amazes me too... how one can become so "addicted" to BAGS lol

    I was not even a "bag gal" until last Sept. I live on an island & drive a moped (it's OK, it's dorky & you can laugh :p) so I'd always use my helmet as a 'bag'... now I have two Balenciagas in a span of 2 months :shrugs:

    I'm pretty satisfied, just because I don't want to get so many that I'm at the point where some get neglected... however, I think Balenciaga keeps everyone addicted b/c the leather is SO soft and they keep coming out with new colors!! Oh, if only they would stop creating new colors every season & stick with just black & white it would save us all a heck of alot of money :s
  4. As long as there are styles or colors that i don't have, I'll be on the hunt. I'm calling it my 'hobby' or 'collecting'.
  5. Yes, i totally agreed...i may have found some of my HG but i never got satisfied and still want more......:smile:
  6. now I understand why some tPFers had in their signature: "BBags: the new crack!" :yes:
  7. I go along with Shasta, once i have been started its not so easy to stop collecting and hunting.
  8. Hunting and gathering is just human nature...;)

    The thrill of the chase can be very exciting and easy to find targets with all the colors and styles.
  9. Oohhh yes....I must have bought and sold 20 b-bags because I am constantly changing my mind as to what would work with my wardrobe, etc. Plus I get bored of the color (sometimes without even using the bag!). That is what happens when you live in the sticks and do not have access to any stores that sell B-Bags. I always have to buy them without touching them and it sucks.

    Anyway, I went off topic. Yes, it is something that I am totally guilty of. I am still pining over two bags I had to have, and then sold.
  10. Same for me, Shasta!:heart:
  11. For me is the trill of hunting and searching. :graucho: I also love the different colors, leather variations, and different styles to choose from. I have been addicted to these bags since 2005 and seems like there is no ending to it yet. :nuts: I really enjoy carrying them though and i get a lot of compliments from every one.:yahoo:
  12. I don't actually think of this as a problem. Admittedly, it makes less than great financial sense to keep buying bags at full retail, using them for a few months, and then selling them on eBay for a fraction of their original cost. On the other hand, I have had the pleasure of wearing them, and have moved on to other styles/colors/sizes. I don't know about the rest of you, but my problem isn't just that the designers keep putting out new styles/colors, it's also that MY taste keeps changing. I see something on someone else, and say "whoa, I need that". I was looking at my bags last night, and virtually none are more than a year old. I figure I'm keeping the economy energized, I'm (so far) able to pay off the credit card every month, and I'm happy, so what's the harm?....
  13. O/T but my dad is known as Canada's Moped King...he restores, sells and services mopeds and is pretty much the admitted expert on all things moped past and present. So it's not dorky at all!

    I am always satisfied and then some with my HG bags but yes, I do believe it's human nature to go for the thrill of the chase and slowly formulate the next "must-have". It's the same thing that happens to all collectors- I sometimes wish I could have more interest in collecting something a little cheaper!
  14. Great thread everyone! I'm starting to look at balenciaga bags but all this talk of addiction has me worried!
  15. lol, that's awesome :jammin: speaking of which.. my bike needs to be serviced. i think i need a new battery :push: