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  1. I am pretty new here but I thought of something that I would love to see. I would love a thread (made into a Sticky or something) where we post pics of celebs or ppl carrying LV bags. Seeing the bags in pics helps me know the actual size, look, etc. If someone came across a pic they could paste it into that thread....just an idea! I may be the only one who likes the pics ;)
  2. Good idea!! Then, we all can drool........
  3. I agree, great idea.
  4. I think it's a great idea!!!:smile:
  5. Great idea! Perhaps someone can start a new thread w/the title 'Celebrities and their LVs' and I'm sure people will join in w/the pictures they can find. It should include the name of the LV bag if possible so we know what we're drooling over....heehee
  6. Moved to Celebrities and their LVs thread.
  7. good idea.
  8. Why don't you start one?
    Go ahead and start one, anyone can add to it, although it may or may not be "stickied" - people can always do a search for it and find it.
  9. Love this idea. It would be very helpful!
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