Just an idea....Shouldn't LV.......

  1. have an expert authenticator at each store? I've heard so many stories and on this forum about people exchanging A-class fakes for the real thing, only for it to end up on the arms of a poor, innocent purchaser who paid the full wack for it.

    Fakes are getting so good these days its actually rather worrying. Hmm what can LV do to combat it? :confused1:

    Just an idea as I sat here, at 3am in the morning bored and waiting for my drama to finish loading online lol
  2. Interesting question....but I think Vuitton's attitude is, "If you buy it at the LV boutique or licensed LV counter at a high-end dept. store, there would be NO question as to the authenticity of your bag"......Each store manager is highly qualified to know whether a bag is faux or not, it's just not worth LV's time and expense to look at the 90% fake bags that people try to pawn off as the real deal.
  3. I believe that most of those stories about people exchanging fakes for the real thing were just myths. :yes: It's a possibility, but probably won't happen.

    But I do agree, that each store should have an expert authenticator... or should have 2-3 on staff.
  4. I noticed that a lot of the SAs, even if they are sure will always check with the manager or assistant manager on the floor anyways.
  5. I was told that the SA have to go thru courses to identify "fake" lv's. Maybe is is a policy of only the manager to help customer relations....telling a person there LV is a fake
  6. I wish they did. I understand that LV is taking the position that "only if you buy at LV do you know it's authentic", but then on the other hand part of the argument for the pricing is that the bags "hold their value". Well, what does holding its value MEAN other than selling it OR bequeathing it to your heirs? I mean, if someone inherits some LV, wouldn't it be nice to go to the store and have someone there whose job it was to give the nod or not? I know I know, wishful thinking...
  7. It is kinda a given that an LV SA will go to all neccasary meausres to check that a returned LV is real. Even if they can;t tell.
  8. ^^^ITA, I think that mainly those are "stories" and it isn't quite the epidemic some would claim. Of course it could happen, anything is possible but I would think it is quite rare. It would be nice to have an authenticator in the stores, but I think LV may look at the service as being something that would serve and support the second hand trade of their product which benefits them in no way, so I cannot imagine them putting this into place KWIM?
  9. so what happened when customer bought a fake bag from LV but did not know it till couple of days later when friends told the person....what happen then?:confused1::cursing:
  10. lol - John5, I think you should go ahead and submit your resume...they'd be lucky to hire you!:p
  11. Yup, ITA.
    And a lot of the people at different stores don't know anything about older bags...I remember getting "looks" at my Graffiti Pochette.
  12. I've bought quite a few bags at LV, so of coarse I have also retuned a few. The SA's look at a few details on the bag, so I doubt a fake would get past them. Either way though, they should teach every SA how to tell a fake. Although I'm sure like everything else in life, some will be better than others at authentication.
  13. ~I remembered that my sister shared this one horror story to me a while back. Apparently, a friend of my sister had purchased a LV bag from Saks (in Southern CA). She didn't even realized that the bag that she got was a REAL GOOD replica,until she got home (of course after a very close inspections). She immediately brought it back and the Mgr. had to retrace the steps and to figure out exactly who made the return with that particular bag:push:. Therefore, I always requested my SA to make sure that I get a brand new bag:yes: Just a precaution on my part!~
  14. ^ Yeah i like to ask for a new bag too...
  15. i think so