Just an FYI regarding Legacy brown signature bags....


Aug 7, 2006
FYI...if any of you are wanting/thinking about or planning on purchasing anything in the Legacy chocolate sig...you may want to do so soon or at least check with JAX to make sure they have plenty available. I was in my Coach store the other day (Chandler, AZ) and they had none of the chocolate sig bags on display or in stock. I had them look up the Leigh in chocolate sig and they said JAX only had 150 as of this past Tuesday... with PCE going on next week and possibly in December, these will be gone soon. Although my local Nordstroms seemed to be stocked in chocolate sig...:shrugs:

Just thought I'd share....:yes:
Mar 30, 2006
Yes, most of the chocolate legacy stuff was deleted from the stores in September I think and isn't available unless you order it. I think it might have been consolidated to a couple of other stores but most stores aren't going to have anything but the khaki/black.
Jul 25, 2007
I'm so happy I got my Leigh in the chocolate signature. The chocolate signature on the Legacy bags is a little different than the regular chocolate signature print, and I just love it. And I'm really a leather girl at heart!