Just an excuse to buy another Coach?

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  1. So I am a college student and I already have a functional backpack for school. It isn't cute AT ALL and I have been wanting a more attractive backpack. Since I have so many beautiful Coach handbags that I do not bring to school I have been wanting one that I could bring to school.

    To me there is no point carrying a purse in addition to a backpack, even though many girls at my college do that. Ever since I saw a reveal of this bag I have been wanting to use it instead of a backpack.



    I think I prefer the black/silver version but I think the brown is more available. Which do you ladies like better?

    My reservations are:

    *it is kind of difficult to find this style of bag... and I do not believe the black/silver version is on sale
    *who knows how much it will fit compared to my backpack
    *it doesn't have all the compartments of a backpack
    *the zipper doesn't go all the way throughout the bag, and might not zip at all once my binder and stuff is in there
    *is it bad to carry a heavyish bag instead of a backpack?
    *am I just making an excuse to buy another Coach? (this one is quite obvious lol)

    I am also kind of concerned because I am a Science major and I do dissections and I don't want my beautiful Coach to be exposed anything disgusting, but I can put it aside or put it in a plastic bag or something. I do feel that if I could bring a beautiful Coach to school everyday it might brighten my day.

    I do not have any back problems and I do not load my bag up with more then one textbook, binder, and notebook at a time. I know I am just wanting a Coach for school and this is not a NEED but what do you ladies think? Anyone with an opinion or who has the Poppy Book Tote please weigh in... is this a good school bag? Should I start hunting this beauty down?
  2. I love it, I'd go for it after checking measurements!
  3. I think you should get it, which one depends one which would go better with your general wardrobe. When you get it home try it out with all your stuff in it, and if it doesn't fit, return it. I always carried a bag instead of a backpack when I was in school, backpacks always felt childish to me so I stopped carrying them in 6th grade (except for when I went through a mini-backpack stage for a while, lol!) You can use cosmetic bags or wristlets to compensate for the lack of compartments, and they don't even have to be Coach brand. If it's something you'll use everyday, I think it's an excellent excuse to buy one, and like you said, you can just cover it when you're dissecting, tjmaxx sells huge reusable bags for a dollar that you could carry in your bag, then use it to cover the bag when needed. Good luck in deciding, and remember, you posted this on a forum of enablers, lol :biggrin:
  4. lol you are totally right about the enablers...I probably did that on purpose!! I kind of agree about backpacks feeling childish and I kind of want to try something else now that I am getting older. If it didn't work out I could always use it as a handbag or sell it. I just fell in love with it lol.
  5. I LOVE the Poppy book tote - so much I have two! I graduated about a year ago and they would be a great school bag. I wish I would have had one then! Right now I'm just saving mine for when I go back to school to get a grad degree. I can fit my 15.4" work laptop and work folder in them. They definitely would be able to hold a textbook and folder/notebook. They are in clearance at Macy's so happy hunting!
  6. I say go for it!
  7. Honey - I have teh black silver lurex in the poppy spotlight - OMG I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!
    GET HER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have the black lurex book tote.. it is gorgeous.. But on the downside, I feel it seems to be a bit small..Especially if you intend to fill her up with books and stuff.. On sale at Macy's, even the black lurex.. It's just a fun bag to have, even if you don't use it for school.. I am planning to use mine as a diaper bag..
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    i am so not posting saavy...i think i've redone this post 3 times now. anyhow, i just wanted to let you know (since i think you live in my area), stoneridge mall in pleasanton had like 3-4 of the brown ones last time i was there...yesterday? the day before? just an fyi. i didn't realize which tote you were talking about until you posted this pic.

    edit #4: MACYS in stoneridge. :P
  10. I have the black on black with silver hardware and LOVE it! I used it when I'm out with my boys and don't want to carry my peyton. It's a fantastic bag. My husband even likes this one!! The brown is delicious too! Oh and they are on clearance at Dillard's! I got mine for $149 during the last additional 30% off sale.
    Macy's has the brown one marked down as well.
  11. I say go for it. When I was in college I carried a tote bag. I have never been a big fan of bookbags. I like the black and silver combo.
  12. I'll be a dissenter and say no on the tote. I was a science major in college and there would be no way I could lug my binders, notebooks, and my HEAVY ginormous textbooks around in a tote on one shoulder.

    If you really do stick to only light weight items and never carry a textbook around in the bag, then a tote would probably be ok.

    Backpacks are not as cute or they're "childish" but they serve a good purpose by distributing weight more evenly.
  13. You know, I recently replaced a backpack. I go to college, but I'm not college age. I go to evening classes, and only 1 class a night (although it lasts 4 hours). It also helps me mentally not to have a backpack, because it's so "school-y". DO to 1 class a night, it's not that heavy.

    I have considered all types pf bags for this, and finally decided not to buy anything expensive/branded. It goes on the NASTY floor, other people may shove, push or touch it. If that was my regular purse, I would get grossed out - i don't want others touching it.

    So, if your bag is heavy - use a backpack, as others have said - better for your back.

    If not heavy, can you deal with accidents? or nastiness that may touch/spill on it? If so, go for it!

  14. That is so sweet of you to let me know! There is one at the Milpitas outlet and I put it on hold but I am still deciding. After discounts it comes out to be around $167 which isn't bad considering it was near $300 but isn't cheap either. The outlet is having 20% off today they said.

    I don't know if it is practical to have but of course I want it... it is a Coach after all. My bf thinks I am crazy because I just got a new Coach last weekend and said I was done for a while.... of course I find an excuse not to be!

    I couldn't track down the black/silver version at any Macy*s. Of course I think I like that version more because I can't find it. I do like all things shiny though lol. Why can't Cali have Dillards? I can't even tell if I like that one more but I kind of think the brown is a bit more wearable for school.

    Who knows maybe I just want an excuse to go to the outlet AGAIN!!! I swear that place pumps drugs in the air!
  15. I'm concerned that it won't taker the weight of books, it depends on how heavy your books are. Other than that, go for it! I've seen the brown , not the black silver at the outlets.