"Just" Amore?

  1. I'm pretty new to tokidoki. I didn't know it existed when Adios and Pirata came out so Amore is my first "new" print. What I'm wondering is... when Amore comes out will it be the ONLY print that comes out?

    It seems like other than the original, there have always been at least two that came out at the same time, right.

    Original (and black if you count that as a print)

    PlayGround and the two cammos.

    Paradiso and Inferno

    Citta, Citta Rosa, Foresta, Arancia, Fumo and Notte

    Pirata, Adios, Bianco

    Then .... only Amore? Or will there be a "surprise"? Did everyone know about both Pirata and Adios before they came out?
  2. I think on the tokidoki blog it listed bianco and notte as well. I'll have to check again for sure.
  3. Yes, those are the two other colors listed for release.
  4. I knew about the Pirata and adios before it came out... and I think in an older forum, someone said that biancos would still be out side by side with the amore..

    Check out the "future prints" forum... or just visit lambfashionista's blog site
  5. They don't count! We can get them now... :oh:
  6. I'm a little confused. I thought amore would be the new lining for the bianco and notte listed for release April 10. Can you clarify?
  7. so the bianco that will be released will be amore inside lining or still the adios star inside lining?
  8. I had not heard that.. only that people hoped that would be the case.
  9. I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe one of the other girls knows more.
  10. I don't think that we know, but I expect it's going to be adios until it's done. Like how notte has been citta for a long while.

    Edit: wow, I just read that over, and if you didn't know anything about tokidoki that would make NO sense
  11. I guess the bianco will still be adios star lining too...although i hope there will be different inside lining released in the future....
  12. im thinking its just amore?? then when it summer its spiagga then few months later its famagila...then tutti and last is probably around the fall is transporto?

    im guessing they already had all the prints and styles made and just holding off to release it at different times so we can go crazy for it!
  13. Yeah, they slowly leaked out the prints so we could go nuts and pine for them---evil toki!