Just Added Vintage Designer Bags To My Website!!!

  1. Helloooo....just wanted to update and let you all know that we added a new category...vintage designer handbags...to my website. They are all authentic, of course....and if you go to the website through www.toutie.com , you can get an extra 15% off. Once again... www.treasurebath.com is my website. Just getting started on that category, so not too many yet, but more will be coming. :biggrin:
  2. Hi,

    Nice website, but I am very dissapointed to see that you do not ship outside the U.S. which I cosider unfai:mad:r !!!!!!! I almost bought 2 bags and when I reached the restration point I realized that! You should have put it at least in the FAQ or policy sections that I have read!

    Sorry for the agressive tone but I really liked the bags:sad:
  3. Lovely site! I like the stuff your selling, shame you don't ship outside the US tho :sad:
  4. Great site - I bookmarked it for myself so I can come back when I decide it is time to get myself something new. Which happens often - retail therapy - the only way to heal.:graucho:
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