Just added two new scarves to my collection!

  1. Projects Carres and Guepards - love both so much! :heart: Sorry about the picture quality and I unfortunately don't know how to black out faces, hopefully only members will check out this thread. :shame:

    I've tried the Guepards with my new coat and Chanel camelia. Tied the Projets Carres different ways, what an elegant scarf, I adore it. :love: I think it will work our really well as a belt too. Big kiss everyone x
    IMG00086.jpg IMG00082.jpg IMG00096.jpg GetAttachment2.jpg
  2. You are GORGEOUS as are your scarves. Congrats.
  3. They look great! Congrats!
  4. Fabulous scarves and your pics are so lovely. Great choices.
  5. Great choices, you look beautiful!
  6. You are stunning! Love the scarves, such beautiful choices! Congratulations!
  7. Love your scarves- Congrats to you.
  8. ebruo- lovely scarves and you look great wearing them...!! keep the pictures coming!
  9. Awwww :shame:, thanks ladies you all are beautiful and extremely kind! Besitos!
  10. You look lovely! but far too glam to go shopping with - so we might never meet! ;)
  11. Oooh, girlfriend, we're going prescription glasses shopping for you! :p I most certainly am no glam! You and I are meeting up soon - I am back from a two week business trip and all ready to rock Old Bond Street!!!
  12. ebruo, Congrats on your beautiful scarves. :smile:
  13. Pretty scarves and pretty lady ;) Congrats!
  14. Ebruo

    You look totally amazing so chic!

    they look great on you / made for you and I love love the camellia

    I am hoping to escape from the Orchard this Thursday to head to Bond Street might you be around?

    Eliselady bet your just as gorgeous

    ( NO need for specsavers )

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful scarves and you look so pretty.