just added:Chloé Python Pouch(picts)

  1. I've received this pouch,she can be weared as a shoulder bag,the leather inside is incrediblely soft.Measurement=9,84"x6,3"x1,5"(25x16x4 cm)
    Someone knows if she has a name?
    She joins the Chloé familly in my dressing room:
    (Galet pocket Paddy,natural and cream python Silverado,
    regular whisky Edith,large black double pockets Edith,
    chocolate Prince pumps)
    Happy to share with you!
    pochette Chloé python.JPG pochette python  Chloé coté.JPG int.pochette chloé.JPG coll CHLOE.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag ! But i don't know the name :shrugs:
    Congratulations on the addition to your collection! :yahoo:
  3. Is that a nude or silver leather lining, I can't tell with the light? The shape and zipper remind me of the Blanche, but in Python not crushed leather...the chain has thrown me though, I'm not sure?

    Love it though...looks like a good shopper.
  4. You have a lovely collection :heart:

    Your new addition looks super soft! I love Chloe python! Congrats!!:yahoo:
  5. Oh so very gorgeous! :nuts:

    Congratulations :yes:
  6. Very nice félicitations!
  7. :blush: Thank you!!!You're lovely.
    Michmix,you're true:on picts the leather seems to be silver,in fact it's black,and the stiches seems made by hands(you may watch them on the pict),there is are very smal pouch inside,with "chloé,made..."Thanks for the info about "Blanche",I'll begin my research...
  8. ooh, it's gorgeous. very sexy. i love python.
  9. You were right,she's named Blanche,the ankle is different ,but the same shape,same stiches,and same deep blue pompom(hope it's the same word in english than in french,I speak about the thing hanged on the zip)
    Thanks for your help Michmix:flowers:
  10. Glad (an amazed, my memory is awful) I could help. I agree that both the style and colour of the tassle (or pompom) and wide stitching along the top of the bag matches the Blanche...I've just never seen it in the style you've got...I love it though!

    BTW, they had a black crushed leather Blanche on Net-a-porter.com, last time I was on...
  11. Beautiful bag. Congrats

  12. Agree, very sexy!
  13. loving the new addition. she is stunning. Love your entire Chloe collection.:heart::heart:
  14. Beautiful bag, I've not seen that before and I don't know the name though. Lovely collection you've got there, lovely Ediths! :yes:
  15. Gah! I want one now! That is gorgeous! Congrats!