just abit of fun

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  1. thankyou so much
    i think the bayswater one is one of the best ones, im doing a patent purple one for a lady at the moment! that should be quite striking!
  2. My dear and loved Barbie would be the most fashionista lady with this Bayswater :rolleyes:, like I was...some months ago, before selling mine :crybaby:.
  3. oh its horrible when you sell something then regret it, poor thing!!!
  4. just a reminder that it's NOT worth being banned over for buying or selling here:nogood: This INCLUDES via PM.
  5. ok thanks swanky mama of three.
  6. Don't worry about not hearing - Vlad and Megs are incredibly busy - I'm sure they get thousands of PMs every day and I've heard they go through them in order of urgency/priority. They may not have gotten around to yours yet.

    I keep coming back for a little peek - these are so cute and you are so talented!
  7. a lot of talent, congrats!
  8. thankyou^
  9. Your little self-made Paddis are sooo cute:love: And at least instead of buying a real one for many $$$s you can make plenty of them on your own. Good work :tup::yes:
  10. Omigosh, this is almost cuter than the real one! :heart:

  11. ^^^
    this is one of my favs!!!
  12. absolutely its like having my own little collection!
  13. I just had to post pics of mine


    and alongside my mini paddy


    Just too cute!
  14. i now want a mini choc cat its the first time ive seen her!
    beautiful, the keychain looks like her little baby!!!!
    fab pics!!!!!!
  15. ok just an update for those that are still waiting to know whats going on
    i have PMed admin to see if i can add a link to my signature as i now have 500 posts and have been on here for more than 5months!
    so keep an eye on my signature ill post as soon as i get the ok!!!