just abit of fun

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  1. thanks for everyones kind words!

    nobody has got back to me about these..... so i think its a no go???

    however i im selling them online at the moment and they are going down great!
    im not allowed to state where they are being sold but if anybody wants one, if you do some searching you should find them!

    they have been such a hit that im now doing one with swarovski crystals like the las vegas, they are fab!!! i love my little creations.
    im now even doing other styles and designers.

    does anyone know if i am allowed to post a link in my signature on here??
    ive seen others do this but want to make sure its allowed???

    i think that this has now turned into a little hobby, all my friends think they are great!
  2. How about some more photos of your creations!? Especially the ones with the crystals, just for fun??:graucho::drool:
  3. no, you can't post a link yet:nogood:
  4. It is ok for photos, right?? At least we can looky and drool:drool:
  5. photos have been fine:yes:
    just no links to buy or PMing about it.

  6. I don't mean to put a downer on anything, and these are really cute little items, but I think you should be careful about copyright issues.

    I know it might seem mad but as you're basically making little versions of other companies' designs, you need to make sure there's no come back on you for breach of copyright on the design.
  7. absolutely ILoveMyBug
    i have wondered about this to.

    they have no chloe labeling on them
    i have seen chloe paddington stlye bags that are identical in shops but dont have the chloe branding! they are allowed to sell them arnt they???
  8. No worries. As long as they are not exact duplicates with logos, you are fine. I don't think there is any violation when only the shapes are similar.
  9. yes
    i did think this over, they have no branding and are not advertised as chloe, but as handmade designer keychains!
    i will attach some pics of my little crystal one, i love it its the cutest!
  10. :love: il_430xN.24206241.jpg :love:


    zippy fun in black

    good old gold another one of my favs

    ive even made this little mulberry style one for someone
  11. i always wanted a pink bag!!! this is my sisters fav:heart:


    navy blue with silver padlock

    on my keys at the moment

    here on my jeans moyen

    i love this tan/ whisky colour one to
  12. Supercute!!
  13. peachy

    others that have been requested from me to make!!!


  14. thanks for all you advice swanky mama of three!!!!
  15. Lovely, lovely, lovely :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:...
    My favourite: the miniBayswater, so cuteeeee:nuts::yes:...