just abit of fun

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  1. now, i was over my friends house with her daughter and she wanted to make things out of fimo for here dolls house.
    she then said i want some designer bags like your bag in my dolls house!!
    ive always been very arty so i sat there making these little beauties! im very impressed with my handy work!
    so impressed we made two into key rings.
    i have to post them to share they are very cute, and to top it of my friends little girl was over the moon with here designer bags for her dolls!




  2. WOW, these are amazing! I can't believe u made them, I want one too :hysteric::cutesy:

    Forget ordering thme from LVR when u can make ur own. I'm so impressed!
  3. Adorable, a Paddy in the dollhouse, how cute!!
  4. i have put one on my keys now!!!
    my mum thought i had bought it!!!
  5. oh wow...those are soo good I thought they were the real thing!
  6. Those are sooooo cute!! Can you make me one!?!:graucho:
  7. I love them! Too cute! I want one, too![​IMG]
  8. OMG I think you should start selling those --- What is fimo and how durable is it?? I love it and once again you are my Chloe hero :heart:

    If you ever consider making them and selling them please let me know because I would be very interested in getting one :smile:
  9. Those are adorable - what a hidden talent !!!
  10. OMG you have to sell these on etsy.com
  11. cute!

    Ladies, please don't forget there's absolutely NO buying/selling ehre or in PMs, it's not worth it to be banned:nogood:
  12. oh wow, those are so cute!
  13. I am just stunned that you made these by hand. Good going!!! You need to get a job as a purse prototype make for the design house itself!
  14. How on earth did you do that???

    I'm amazed!
  15. OH. MY. GOD. That is unbelievably unbelievable! They are gorgeous!

    I love how you say "I have always been very arty" bag*mad - now that's the bloody biggest understatement of the year!