Just a Warning...The Carmen Again

  1. I won this bag awhile back and want everyone to be aware that upon receiving it from this seller, I filed a significantly not as described claim with paypal (& won!)

    I returned the bag & she relisted it with no additional comments about the condition...It is the same pictures and wording as the auction i won. What she describes as "FABULOUS" is actually worn out and beat up.

    It is worth what it's going for, (at $89.00) but please be aware that the seller is not being completely honest about the condition & her pictures look better than the bag really does.

    I don't want anyone here going through the dissapointment that I did with this bag, so please just be cautious if you plan on bidding.
  2. Rosenpetals, thanks for the warning, I remember your situation very well. I'm so glad you got your money back. I do think this seller is asking for trouble, when all she has to do is be honest and people will buy her bag and not be disappointed (as the condition would be as described). Instead she's giving a glowing report about this FABULOUS bag and no doubt the bag will be returned to her again, unless it sells cheaply.
  3. Right right right! I saw that listed and immediately thought of your harrowing experience! Hope it doesn't go for very high.....she obviously does believe that it's a wonderful bag - and I'm surprised, because from your description of this bag, it doesn't sound very nice...?:sad:
  4. Thanks for letting us know!!
  5. I ended up paying $199 for it- Which is what I'm willing to pay for "fabulous Kooba's that are worn for only four months"
    She DID change the listing from "4 months" to a "few months", but still no mention of excessive wear.

    I agree Mini-honesty is always the best policy.
    Now at least I'm assured that my friends who love vintage Koobas like I do will at least be aware of what this Carmen has really been through and bid accordingly. :sweatdrop:
  6. It's worth half what I paid for it. The inside was clean, the outside more worn, with brown stains under the handles and along the top opening of the bag. (the leather color is completely worn off) I just can't see that type of wear from 4 months of use.
    She knows the flaws, and she just wants to recoup as much $$ as she can, so she's not telling.
  7. I've always found it's best to specify what's worn, stained, whatever, and take close up photos of those areas. People appreciate honesty and will buy anyway (if the price is reasonable for condition, of course).
  8. You gotta be honest. I sold my Rose Charlie months back and circled every mar I could find on the bag and put it in the auction. I knew I was cutting my own throat since the bag was only used 4 days but it had definite flaws. I got a more than fair price for it I thought. Nunnla, didn't you buy that bag?
    I'd rather take a low price for a bag than a Negative for it being "Significantly not as described".