Just a tip for the next time you get a Coach at Macys

  1. Make sure that the price tag of your bag is the tag for YOUR bag!!

    I went to Macys with my mom yesterday so she could buy the bumblee straw tote from the spring/summer 'cause it was on sale. We knew it was under $200 because it had 2 other tags inside of the bag (the thin paper ones that can sometimes be inside of sale bags), and one of them said $250, and the other said $179, and usually with the sale bags, the lower one is how much it has been marked down to. So we go to checkout and the SA was saying it was $239! And she was holding the tag and I thought it said "Hamptons soft duffle", but I wasn't sure, and when she showed us the price tag because we were rather shocked, her finger was covering up the style of the bag. And when I brought up the other tags she took them out of the bag, threw them out, and snapped at me "Those aren't the correct prices."

    So my mom got it, and then we went over to Estee Lauder 'cause she wanted the free gift. I checked the tag of the bag when I was waiting for her to pay, and the tag didn't say bumblee straw tote or whatever it should say, instead it said Hamptons soft duffle!!

    So we went back over to Coach and talked to another SA and a manager that was over there. They were very nice, the SA was really sweet, the manager said that we would have to exchange, rebuy, and be refunded the difference. So the SA scanned the bag because we weren't sure if it was $250 like the Coach tag said, or if it was marked down any more. And it wound up being $125:yahoo:!!!!!! So we exchanged the bag, rebought it, and then my mom got her money back.

    And I may be going back to get the zebra makeup pouch because the first SA didn't scan the tag to see if it was marked down further, she said that it was $117, so I'll be going back to see if it is marked down further:yes:

    So yea, make sure to check the price tags before you have an experience like ours!!
  2. That was rather rude of the first SA. I'm glad you got it all sorted out and got a great pirce!
  3. same thing happened to me once! the sa snapped at me and just said something to the extent of "i know how to scan a barcode to get the price". i was like, i know, but you're not scanning the right thing! she was scanning a tag for a bag, when all i was buying was a mini skinny! i was like, what the heck?
  4. Gah, what a scary SA! I would have fled! But I'm glad that you got your deal.
  5. great deal!!! I'm glad you both went back I would have been furious. Nordstrom Rack has the ladybug ones from last year for $160.00 but your mom got an even better deal on a newer style. That SA should get in some type of trouble (Fired!) You can't lie to customers that's just a no-no in the retail business. B/c us customers will never forget who & what company did us wrong.
  6. Ditto. If that happened to me, I'd make it a point to note the name of the SA, the time and day I was there and write to the regional manager or district manager or someone about it. That kind of attitude has no excuse in my book. If they were emotionally distraught or whatnot, don't come to work that day then.
  7. Don't worry, we told the manager who it was, and we said we were there like literally 5 minutes before. Hopefully she gets what she deserves. My mom is still annoyed because after all that, the bag didn't come with a dustbag like it should've (and this bag has to be stored in one), so now I get to go back and tell them so I can get the dustbag.

    Oh, and this is the bag if anyone doesn't know which one it is:
  8. Good point...in fact...you could even report that to Coach...they have reps in place specifically to work with the department stores on sales/merchandising. I bet Coach corporate would be NONE too happy to hear that was going on.