Just a thought...?

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  1. i have yet to own a speedy... but i've saved up enough for one and my mom's also planning on getting me another lv piece :graucho:.. right now i'm jyst waiting to see the azurs IRL before deciding on anything... and a thought just crossed my mind....:idea:and naturally i had to run this hypothesis by my girls...

    bearing in mind that i'm a wee poor uni student:push:, and i don't get to splurge often:sad:... should i get 2 speedies in diff sizes and colours?

    SO, the 25 is obviously a better size for dressier events + night outs... and the Azur's white colour is more suited to daytime wear, right? But then again, the mono is more practical for an everyday bag since the dirt and grime won't show as easy and the dark brown suits all kinds of clothes?

    So would a good combination be a speedy 30 - Azur for daytime (bearing in mind that the white gets dirty easier) or the speedy 30 - mono for daytime (since it's a hardier design) and the speedy 25 Azur for nightime? (even tho the colour seems to suit daytime better?):shrugs:

    thoughts and opinions anyone? :flowers:
  2. I've a damier and an azur Speedy (both 25)
    Azur doesn't get dirty that easy...keep in mind it's coated like mono and damier :smile: The only part to be carefull with is the vachetta. When the weather is bad with rain and snow I always use my damier.
    I do feel though, that the azur used in daytime is more a spring/summer bag :smile: (maybe b/c I only wear dark coats in winther)
    I don't feel one or the other is more a day or evening bag. I'll use the azur in the evening if I fell for it.
  3. Since you do not own a speedy, how about purchasing one at this time to see if you like it (which I think you will)? Then, decide on your second purchase. You may want a different style of bag. My collection is still on the small side, and I am trying to purchase different styles of bags before I buy "repeats" of the same style.
  4. I agree!! don't buy two Speedys at the same time :yes:
  5. Agree w/ the others, get one at a time and see if you like it.
    I have the Azur in 25 and Mono in 30 btw. :yes: Love both.
  6. I would start with one speedy...and then if you LOVE it buy another! Odds are you'll probably love it though LOL
  7. I would get one speedy to start. If you are able to purchase 2 bags, I would get a handheld (speedy) and a shoulder bag.
  8. I agree, I would get one speedy and one shoulder bag - how about monogram speedy and azur saleya? Or azur speedy and popincourt haut or BH?
  9. Definitely go for speedy 30 first to see if you like this style. You might feel boring and decide different style.
  10. speedy 30!!

    p.s. orinoco, your user name reminds me of a song by celtic woman!
    (ok. random. i know...)
  11. Get the Speedy 30 and another bag. If you find you love it there's always time to get another one later.
  12. i would get a speedy and maybe a wallet and cles or something like it so you can use them together. i have 4 speedys (eep!) and i love them all but i think to start you should see if you even like it. i totally think mono is the perfect first speedy- i think everyone should have one. that being said my damier is my fave. i just got the azur and i do think it's more a spring summer bag. i think it could be used day or night though. hope this helps!

  13. i think the monogram is definitely the best way to start, it's the only bag from lv i have and i love it! i have a 25 and it's great for me but size is persoonal preference
  14. Yep, yep, yep. I second everyone else...The Mono Speedy 30 may be the best universal bag ever designed. Every girl must have one.
  15. I love my monogram speedy 25. I love it because I can use it during the day and at night. It's a great everyday bag and still is small enough to go out in the evening. I fit a ton in this bag with still room to spare. It's my favorite bag ever. I usually am never satisfied and on a constant hunt for the perfect handbag...I found it with this one. Just my little opinion! :smile: Good luck!