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  1. While new policies are coming out, perhaps something on quoting entire long posts?

    I've seen it several times where someone will make a rather long post, maybe 20 or 30 lines. Then several people will quote the entire 20 or 30 lines to make a one line reply. Sometimes the same long post will be repeated 5 or 6 times on one page.

    It's really extremely simple to edit out most of that post and leave just the line or two you're replying to.

    If you're just saying something like "I agree", there's really no reason to quote much of it at all.

    My rant for the day submitted for your approval or ridicule.
  2. ^^Yep, I agree! :biggrin:
  3. It is simple but hard to regulate. Perhaps a little "How to Guide" would be a good thing here and reminders here and there.

    Another thing that bugs me endless are people who don't use the multi quote function. Yesterday a user had 8 posts in a row with quotes instead of just making it one or two posts.
  4. We get a TON of complaints about people not using multi quote. Report them and we can merge them :yes:
  5. Oh, I didn't know you could do that. Thanks
  6. It's ok in extreme cases. Not for just a few posts though please! Lol
  7. Looks like I missed something while I was gone. What new policies are you referring to? :smile: I can't seem to find any changes in the rules?
  8. I don't know of any policies!
    Only thing I know of is we need people to actually post content w/ news stories instead of posting a link only.
  9. They didn't even inform you about the new policies?! :giggles:
  10. Lol! I'm not sure there's any :biggrin:
  11. This bugs me too, lol. It's cumbersome to scroll down an entire page and see countless separate posts going yes, yes, I agree, yes, etc. lol.
  12. Sorry for sounding like a dummy but is there somewhere on the site that explains how to do the multi-quotes? I tried on my own and nothing happened and searched on the site but could not find anythind. I mastered the single quote quickly (woo-hoo!) but multi-quoting has me baffled.....
  13. ^You first click on this [​IMG] so it becomes red like this [​IMG]

    This is for all the first quotes, the last one you click this [​IMG] and it should work.

  14. :tup:
  15. Thanks for this :smile:

    Please if there are any policy changes don't make every single thing compulsory (like deleting lines that are not quoted) - if everything is regulated, where is the fun factor?