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  1. Ok..... I know I keep going on and on about questions on which bag to get, but sometimes sa's at vuitton won't give you a clear cut option. I think thats part of the image. So I have to ask my dear pals on the purse form to help lead me in the right direction. I really love the :heart::heart:Batignolles Horizontal. Question 1. Does the bag look age appropriate for someone 24. I love that it's a tote that goes on the shoulder! I think it's a good size. 2. Does anyone any other suggestions on mediam to large vuitton totes that go on the shoulder that a young? thanks! :wlae:
  2. The BH would be great. Also the Neverfull PM fits on the shoulder and is a great bag too.

    I think either one of these is fitting for your age.

    I saw two girls at my college (much younger than I am) with the BH!
  3. The BH would be a great bag for some one 24.
  4. Yup, it's definitely age appropriate..I'm 21 and have one. :yes:
  5. 1. yes
    2. the neverfull
  6. BH....good bag if you're into "tote"-style bags or need one. The neverfull is also another option.

    As for your concern on age....no woories, I see the BH on many "ageless" women around!