Just a thought! What would you do?

  1. I would LOVE to send a gift to a very dear friend in tPF:heart:, however, i dont know her address.. dont want to ask her cause i want the gift to be a surprise for new year.... what would u do if u were in my place? how would u TRY to get the address from her without noticing??:rolleyes:

    I know she wont read this thread, she's way too busy in the Hermes Forum! lol

    IDEAS IDEAS!!:idea:
  2. Tell her it's for your holiday card list!
  3. I second Janos614's suggestion.
  4. Ask someone else to ask her for her mailing address - can use the above Christmas card excuse, so she won't even know you're in on the loop, and ANYTHING you send will be a major surprise! ;)
  5. Aww pinkish that's so sweet of you. I'll give you MY address!
  6. if you know her full name, city, and state, you can probably use whitepages.com to find it. in my copy editing class, we use to use it to fact check stories. it's pretty comprehensive.
  7. Use the Christmas card story, or try to find a seller she's bought from (another PFer perhaps?) and get her address that way.