Just a thought on ... 100% Authentic

  1. Whenever I see 100% Authentic, it makes me laugh. Don't get me wrong, I've put it in my listings too, but would you really have a bag that is, say, 85% authentic? The bag is good, but the handles are fake? :roflmfao: Isn't it either 100% or 0%?

    Just my thought for the day. :supacool: Teehee.
  2. Thanks for the laugh. maybe I will put up an 85% auction just for kicks.
  3. Sort of reminds me of the old Ivory Snow-"99.444 % pure" or something like that-the big question was, what was the other small percentage made of?
  4. Lol that's funny! It's one of those things I see all the time but really never think about. Just like in restrooms the sign says, "employees must wash hands." So if you're not an employee does that mean you don't have to? :lol:
  5. or the one that kills me everytime is "100% Authentic.....leather":nuts:
  6. :lol:

    Add to that the fact that there is (or used to be - I'm not sure if it still exists) a fake bag manufacturing company called 100% Authentic - so sellers could genuinely claim that a fake bag from them was a '100% Authentic Chloe (or whatever) Bag', without lying and the term seems even more ridiculous! :biggrin:
  7. I've seen people joke about this before. Honestly, it is rediculous, but if you don't put 100% authentic in your auction you won't believe how many people ASQ you to ask if it is 100% authentic. It's just so much easier to put it in there.
  8. i use "2000% authentic" it sounds more authentic than 100% lol
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. This always makes me laugh, too. Along with 200% authentic.
  11. Haha .. those were good for a chuckle. I am always cautious about items on eBay. even if the seller does list it as 100% Authentic, what good does that do me unless they provide a Money Back Guarantee? ya know wuttimean?? And ya, if "100% Authentic" isnt even listed, I wont even consider it!
  12. Some sellers don't offer money guarantees because they are worried dodgey buyers would do a switcheroo and they would get a fake bag back!

    There are plenty of obvious fakes on eBay where the seller offers money back guarantee and they are listed as "100% authentic" (BS!)... there are also sellers who offer double your money back... In order to prove that it's fake they want you to take it get it authenticated, which most designer boutiques don't do!

    You can't win...well it's hard, but there are honest sellers out there...
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    I'm one of those buyers that ask...It's seems we feel more secure hearing from the seller 100% Authentic..If only the sellers of fakes would put 0% Authentic ..
  14. i only buy 1000% authentic things. i mean, they're SO much better!

  15. See now, that's how I feel about McDonald's! Remember the commercials for the Quarter Pounder? They'd say that the patties in the QP are 100% ground beef. I thought ALL of the burgers were 100% ground beef! WTF are the other burgers made of!?:wtf: